Shopping Area

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A new video showing current progress on the shopping area, which will include several shops, one cafe, and metro entrance. Taiyaki shop is almost complete (needs a few additional interior elements) and working already, all other buildings are under construction.


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Just finished making metro entrance for Shoujo City 3D, which will be used for traveling between different parts of Tokyo in the game. The very first station is called “Shin Sakura”. Not sure as yet if this name will be used in the actual game, maybe I’ll use actual station names instead.

Reference photo for metro entrance in Tokyo.


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The school area will be the first location in Shoujo City 3D, and it will include the school itself and one street in front of the school entrance with several shops and other buildings. Right now I’m working on various road and street details, like pole lights, street signs, etc.

Reference photo for a manhole cover (Tokyo, Japan)

A lot of work is invested into faithful recreation in the game of various small unique things you can see in Japan – like chocolate taiyaki and vending machines, and even manhole covers and street trash cans. Working on all those small details takes almost infinite amounts of time and work, which means there can’t be any fast progress with the game, unfortunately. But that also means the game will have a completely unique appearance and feel to it, and that’s what one of my main goals is.

School Map

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This is the basic map of the school in Shoujo City 3D, which will be used in the game as one of locations for dating and other activities. At this point it’s about 50% complete. All the buildings are finished, but most of interior is still missing.

New Clothes and Inventory

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A new video showcasing some clothing/customization options in Shoujo City 3D. Both player character and dateable girls have several equipment slots for changing clothes and accessories. 9 slots are implemented already, with 3 more (choker, gloves, hair accessories) to be added as yet. Apart from making your character to look unique, this feature will be used in the game for cosplay missions, where you’ll have to walk around the city and obtain several cosplay items to complete some outfit of an anime character.

Shoujo City 3D translations

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One of the most requested features for Shoujo City was translation into other languages. This feature is very difficult to implement in the original (2D) game due to numerous bits of text being hard-coded into various files without any system or order, which made the task of finding all those elusive bits of text and editing them somewhat challenging.

Since so many people requested for this feature, Shoujo City 3D was designed from the very beginning to be easily compatible with any other languages in addition to English. All text is now stored in separate files with uniform structure and can be easily edited any time. Incomplete translations are also possible – if some particular line of text wasn’t translated as yet, the game will fall back to default English and then proceed to translated text whenever it’s available. Which means that translated text can be added into development builds of the game any time and without waiting for any final and complete translations.

Apart from English (default game language), the game will have Japanese and Russian language support. Availability of any other languages in the future will mostly depend on whether there will be people willing to help with translations.

In next post I’ll post details on the new character customization/clothes system, which will give a lot of freedom in the game for anime cosplay, or just making your girl friend look pretty. ^^

Shoujo City 3D – first trailer

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Shoujo City is undergoing a complete remake and transition to full 3D with much better and professional-looking graphics and character design. I put a lot of work into it, and I hope everybody will like the new version.

Transition to 3D will finally allow to begin working on new features many people have requested since long ago – one of them being character customisation. Now you will be able to dress your character (and your virtual girl friend) in any clothes you want, and use various cosplay items. A lot of other new features are planned, and I’ll post preview screenshots (or videos) for some of them soon.

From now on I’ll post regular updates detailing current development progress and showing all the new features to appear in Shoujo City 3D. The new version is still in very early development stages and it’s unknown when it will be released. It took me several months to (partially) build just one school location (which you can see in the video), so building the entire city with all the cafes, parks, cinema, etc. can take quite a while. But I hope to release a free playable demo version at some point during 2017.

Make sure to visit the website once in a while to check for updates!