Shoujo City update 0.9.16

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Update 0.9.16 is released on Steam and Google Play. Here is what is new in this update:

☆ Bicycle

A bicycle can be used to ride in the school and Akihabara maps (can be found in bicycle storage in the school and under bridge in Akihabara). In pillow dating mode you can place your pillow in the back.

☆ New trees

Most trees in the game are replaced with new assets: sakura trees, maples, pines, bamboo, palm trees. All these new models have small wind animations, better textures and shading.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Improved camera performance for taking photos. In the past the game used two separate cameras – to render (blurred) world outside of camera view and to render photo preview inside in-game smartphone. This setup was very expensive to render and caused about 50% FPS drop whenever in-game smartphone camera was activated (both on PC and mobile). Now there is only one camera with blur effect outside of smartphone view with much better performance.
  • In-game smartphone (while in camera mode) is now placed correctly in the center of the screen, in all aspect ratios.
  • All characters now have small quick eye movements (saccades), similar to human eye movements in real life.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally produced two same numbers as choices in math tests.
  • Kakigoori and handmade chocolate are excluded from the list of food girlfriend can ask for (affects only new games and not loaded games).
  • Fixed a minor issue with girlfriend sitting on the ground while holding objects which should prevent her from sitting.

41 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 0.9.16

  1. Sean Tackett

    Hello. I know this is really off topic, but I was hoping to get some advice. I had this game on my previous phone, and it worked perfectly. But when I got my new phone today, and tried to install it, it won’t open. It stays on the white and pink loading screen infinitely, I left it open and loading for around 45 minutes while I was doing laundry. No matter how long I keep it open, or uninstall and install again, it won’t open. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Niña

      Yeah mine too it about 3 week open and still the losing screen with flowers appears please LAIKA
      Please answer is many people in my country have this problems too.

  2. Laika Post author

    Unless your new device has lower specs, I have no idea, sorry. Things like these usually happen when you try to run the game on a device below minimum hardware requirements (2 GB RAM, Snapdragon 625).

      1. Laika Post author

        Oppo F3 is a budget device with very weak MediaTek CPU and Mali GPU. Long loading times and low FPS are inevitable. If you want fast loading and consistent 60 FPS without lags, you’ll need something newer and more powerful, there is no other solution, sorry.

  3. Myo

    I don’t know if this is a glitch or not. When I hold the watering can and press ‘run’, I can go on the bed, and even walk on the bed. Then if I press sit down, I will be stuck inside the bed.

  4. Kayleigh Funkhouser

    Hello! I was wondering if you could add something to the game? Like, when you work at the cafe and finish making the food, it will show who ordered it. I’ve been having a lot of trouble bringing the right order to the right person. And since I don’t know, I’ll bring it to the wrong person and the leave! AND I only have enough time to make one dish. ;^; Just a thing I thought would be nice to add. Thank you for your time.

    1. Laika Post author

      Maybe I should add numbers for each table so that it’s easier to see what screen corresponds to each table. Until then, you can talk to customers, and they will say what they ordered.

  5. Ella

    Hey this might sound wired but can you add toilets?that that work?like in the school and in the apartment and restaurant,plz?

          1. Ella

            I have another suggestion, can we be be able to tickle our girlfriend and tack panty shots? And can you add bullies that make fun of your gf and you have to stand up to her in a mini game? And can you also add pets

          2. UwO

            If you burn a meal your gf will make a face of disgust, can you add like her spitting it out in the bathroom or in the sink? Or if she doesn’t like the drink she’ll spit it out on the sidewalk?

  6. BlueIPUZ

    Hi, I just want to request the texture of the green blazer better, the side is okay but the front is well… Not okay, so please do the texture better, please…

  7. Chinese people【中国人】

    Hello! I need some feedback.
    1,Just bought a schoolbag and tail. When I sit on the computer, why can’t I see my schoolbag and tail?
    2,Why can’t I sit on the bed when I press “sit down”?
    3,Just bought a computer, I sat on the computer black screen, did not turn on it?
    1,Can you bike? My bike is hard to control. What should I do?
    2,How can game control settings not have bikes?
    3,Why do you run around by bike and control the direction wrong?
    【Network game】
    1,When is online mode available?
    2,I want to ask: single player game or online mode?

    Thank you for your support!!

    1. Laika Post author

      1. Because backpack and tail would clip through chair back. That’s why they are hidden.
      2. Because bed is used now only for sleeping.
      3. Computer can be used only by girlfriend. I can easily allow the player to use it for playing that one flappy bird-like game, but since there is nothing else to do on it, I’m not sure if it actually will be interesting for anybody.

      1-3. Bicycle is controlled differently to simulate driving. If you have some specific suggestions on how it can be improved, please post your ideas.

      1-2. Online mode is not something that can be just added on top of an existing game. It requires proper game design and gameplay for that online mode. This game has neither. Adding online functionality to current game without changing anything else would mean everybody will still play alone, just seeing other players in the same locations. It makes no sense to implement it like that.
      And making a new game from a scratch with new gameplay designed specifically for online interactivity is not something I can manage, I’m afraid. This game took me 3 years of daily work. Doing something similar (quality/scale), but with online gameplay, would take twice as much time, at the very least, and then a lot of daily work to maintain servers, make online events to keep players engaged, add new items on a regular basis, etc. That’s a task for a team of professional creators on a solid budget, not for a single indie dev like me.

  8. sunshine

    hey emm can u plz update the game for pc users i really wanna see this update nd like i dont have a phone to buy the game from ;w;

  9. Mrw

    I know, but when I got to this website last time it was saying that new update will be in 5 hours… How it’s 17 hours


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