Shoujo City 3D release announcement

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Next update of Shoujo City 3D will be release of the full game (version 1.0), with story mode and achievements. Coming in 1-2 months, no exact date as yet.

Story mode will be available in both paid and free versions of the game (Windows, MacOS, Android). You will be able to date one of story mode girls and unlock achievements in free version. But some girls and achievements will be limited to paid version only.

Due to censorship requirements of the App Store, which requested removal of all dating/romance features, it will be impossible to release the story mode for iOS version, sorry for that. iOS version of the game will remain sandbox-style “friendship simulator”. I will attempt to add some smaller updates to iOS version in the future (clothes/accessories, house decoration items), but due to policies of the App Store it’s difficult to predict when exactly such updates may happen.

20 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D release announcement

    1. Laika Post author

      Slow CPU/GPU processing textures and 3D models + slow RAM that these textures and models are loaded into = slow loading of the game + low FPS. High quality 3D games require fast and powerful devices to run smoothly, there is no magic workaround for this.

    1. Laika Post author

      No. There are some ways to install Google Play on Amazon tablets and thus install Google Play games, but all Amazon tablets are very weak and simple devices intended mostly for reading digital books and magazines. They just don’t have hardware capable to run full featured 3D games.


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