Shoujo City 3D is an anime dating simulator game for PC and mobile devices. Having a set amount of days, your goal is to win love of one of girls you’ll encounter in the game through various activities you can do together.

Originally Shoujo City was created as a 2D game for mobile devices. In March 2017 development of the project was restarted due to transition to full 3D environment and implementation of various new features. The new game will expand far beyond the original 2D project, offering numerous new activities, like cosplay, school and sport events, cooking, and more.

Shoujo City project is a spiritual successor to discontinued Japanese MMORPG ai sp@ce, which was shut down in 2011. Having aesthetics and scenery inspired by ai sp@ce, Shoujo City 3D will also come with core gameplay features the former game always missed – activities and interactions with your virtual girlfriend (“charadoll”), clear game goals and progressing relationships.

Updates about game development are posted on a regular basis on this website, our Youtube channel and Twitter.


For all comments, suggestions, bug reports, questions about the game, feel free to contact me by email:

laika16 [at] yandex.ru