Shoujo City 3D update 1.11

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Update 1.11 for Shoujo City 3D is released on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store. Here is what is new:

  • Added various interior items in school (curtains, window blinds, posters, paintings, flowers in pots).
  • Added menu in the in-game phone explaining controls (for mobile version).
  • New clothes and accessories in the convenience store:

* strawberry hairpins, clover hairpins;
* sunglasses, round glasses, including color variations (7 in total);
* t-shirts (2 designs);
* new plants for house decoration: monstera and dieffenbachia;
* new painting;

  • Small interior redesigns in the convenience store (added clothes racks).
  • Fixed a few minor texture and sprite issues.
  • Removed the event where girlfriend was asking for ice cream. She will just ask for food now.

7 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D update 1.11

  1. emojikatzz

    It’s a good game, but in my opinion needs more updates: (IOS version).

    I have some recommendations for many needed improvements:

    – Kissing/more dating aspects to the game: It’s too bad the kissing had to be removed. It was the core part of the game, and it would be amazing if there was more stuff to do than just chatting endlessly. Such as: cooking together, reading books, read fortunes, swimming, work out, working different shifts, walking and chatting with each other. (Try making it 17+ on the App Store if possible, and see if it can be published as the game it was advertised to be..)

    – Add routines to the characters: Just like in story mode, Free mode should have routines for the girlfriend too. She doesn’t always need to be with your character. Maybe she’s working a shift at Neko Cafe, or out shopping for new clothes. She might be available to date in a few days, and that would make the phone way more useful to call her when not busy, just to hang out for a bit before she leaves. (You can try visiting her apartment too if both your schedule and her schedule has a day to spare, a more realistic approach to the life simulation aspect.)

    – Add access to closed off areas: This would make a great update. I’ve always wondered what’s behind the apartment building, on the streets, or what’s inside the buildings in Akihabara.

    – Make books in the library readable: Simple and easy fix, for extra immersion. (Maybe do an open & close book or scroll pages animation when sitting down to read too!)

    – More realistic animations: This will instantly improve the now robotic movements of the characters. It looks like plastic, and really needs some fine tuning. For example: Playing the piano, walking animations, sitting animations, plating food, cooking..etc.

    – Playable video games on the PC: The Girlfriend can play, so why not make the main character play on the screen as well? Please!

    – Make more furniture accessible: Such as using the bathtub, toilet, brushing your teeth by the sink. You know, ordinary life stuff.

    These are just recommendations for a better experience, but it’ll be great to implement them into the game.

    I’ve played this game for over 4 years, so I hope it’s not dead yet!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    – KITT

    1. ShoujoCity Dev Post author

      Thanks for your suggestions. Development of Shoujo City 3D is finished, so only small content updates are likely (most of what you suggested doesn’t fit into that category, unfortunately). It’s not really possible to significantly improve any core features and content of the game without remaking everything from a scratch.
      E.g., all character animations are interconnected with designs of body meshes and bones – which, in turn, determine how clothes are designed. Once you start remaking animations or attempt to edit bones for more natural poses, everything that depended on them falls apart and must be redone from a scratch. And that’s exactly why I’m working on the new game, where all the clothes and animations were designed with vastly better quality (and flexibility) from the very beginning.

      1. emojikatzz

        Thanks for the clarification. When will the new game be released? I know it’s somewhere in 2024, maybe even later. I want information about the game’s release on the PC and IOS if possible.

        What will be possible in the game except dating? Will anything I mention below be possible or considered in the new Anime City? Like cooking animations, or exploring new areas with stuff to do on your own? If so, that’d be great to know. 🙂

        – KITT

        1. ShoujoCity Dev Post author

          If you want to see how the new game will look and work, you can just check my Twitter, I have posted a lot of screenshots and videos showing all features and assets.

  2. chloclate

    Please add a new hairstyle – twisted ponytails in a spiral (I don’t know the exact name) like Kokona in Yandere Simulator or Armor from Honkai (they can also be added to your new game)


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