15 thoughts on “Evolution of Shoujo City series (2015 – 2020)

  1. Chinese peopIe 【中国人】

    Hello!I want to get back to you.
    【Shoujo City 3D】
    1,Can the mirror in the beauty salon be repaired.
    2,Can’t read English, will the translation error be fixed?
    3,The next update, the new version :1.2?
    4,I send it to you, you can click on the website:
    【Ghosts of Shoujo City】
    1,It’s closed for the time being. I’ve been looking forward to it.
    2,When will the new game be released? Will it be? Don’t think about it.
    Thanks for your support!

    1. xiaopangju

      如果你愿意,可以发一封邮件告诉我:dududu233 # outlook * com(用@来替换#和周围的空格,用.来替换*和周围的空格)

    2. Laika Post author

      I watched the video, thank you. The issues will be fixed in next update. “Ghosts of Shoujo City” is very early in development, release is coming closer to the end of 2021, or maybe even in the beginning of 2022, it’s difficult to make exact predictions. Almost all 3D models/textures are made by me from a scratch, so it takes a lot of time to prepare all required assets.

    1. Laika Post author

      Mobile stores always take arbitrary amounts of time to review every update. It can take anything from several hours to several months.


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