Shoujo City update 1.1

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Update 1.1 is released on Steam and Google Play (iOS version update is coming later). Here is what is new:

☆ Steam achievements

Seven achievements are added in Steam version of the game (for seven possible endings in story mode).

☆ Jinja water gun event

In addition to Akihabara, a separate water gun event with new enemies (ghosts) is available in the shrine map. Prizes:

  • ghost warrior mini-figurine (new)
  • summer hat
  • summer hat with sunflower

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Street tables in the Summer Town and in Akihabara now can be used to eat food brought from home.
  • A new food stall selling taiyaki and other snacks in the shrine map.
  • Controls are modified to make character movements more responsive. Now the character always walks in direction the camera is facing and begins to move immediately (without delay for rotating before beginning to walk). This affects default (“direction”) control scheme.
  • Mirrors in the beauty salon (school map).
  • All translations are updated according to their current state in the wiki.
  • Fixed a minor bug with incorrect sky color on photos.

36 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 1.1

  1. rose

    add a mode for us to cheat, please. as much as i like this game (i have paid) the gameplay itself can be tedious. i just want to walk around with my cute gf and dress her up in pretty clothing.

    1. Laika Post author

      I will submit an update soon. But whether the App Store review team will allow it to pass is unknown.

    1. Laika Post author

      If you mean the free version, it will be updated when there is some content affecting maps available in that version. Update 1.1 adds content for the shrine map and Steam achievements, both applicable only to Steam version. So there is no new content for free version at this time.

  2. Myo

    Can you rearrange the NPCs’ shose lockers? Because when class ends, they go to their lockers to change their shoes, but all three of them have the same locker so they usually get stuck when one of them is trying to change her shoes first. When that happens, one is changing her shoes, and the rest just facing each other and start walking in place, it’s kinda funny to look at XD

    1. Laika Post author

      If you mean the free version, Jinja map is not a part of the free version. So there is no new content to add to it. Free version will be updated when/if there is some new content for free maps.

  3. Paupau

    How do I buy panties for my girlfriend? When I try to buy them, it comes out that I don’t know what to do with the machine

    1. Laika Post author

      Wouldn’t it be better if during a soccer match each player had their own soccer ball? Soccer with 22 balls would be much better, and players wouldn’t have to run after each other trying to get that single ball :3

    1. Laika Post author

      I’m working on a new game already since several months ago. If you want to keep track of development progress, you can check the game’s Twitter account.

    1. xiaopangju

      According to him, he will not add new functions (maybe), so the next version should just fix bugs and update translations. Maybe you need to wait, but don’t expect too much.

  4. Mc Sherrinford Scott

    You see this game was fun and lovely. It was super unique from other simulator. I just wanted to request the other features you removed to back again in this game. And the number of NPC in this game is okay. And if it is possible, I want this game to be online, I want to have an interaction with other players and have fun with them. I wish you notice me. Thank you!


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