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The future of Shoujo City

Shoujo City 3D is coming to Steam Early Access in January 2018! My original plan was to keep development and distribution of Shoujo City 3D as a free project…. Read more »

Looking for translators

Check this new video by PaderGamez (German language) about the new dakimakura dating feature. Shoujo City 3D is distributed for free, so we can’t afford to hire any paid translators…. Read more »

Alpha 0.4 release!

Alpha 0.4 update comes with a new unique feature that I have been planning since long ago! ☆ Dakimakura dating This feature was inspired by the famous Japanese gamer and artist known… Read more »

Halloween Update!

It’s Halloween time in Shoujo City! You can walk around the city at night, win special Halloween items and glow in the dark accessories for you and your girlfriend, and try new snacks in… Read more »

Alpha 0.3 Release!

Note: due to implementation of various new features, all save files from alpha 0.1 and 0.2 are incompatible with this update, you’ll have to start a new game. Updages Log:… Read more »

Next Release

Shoujo City alpha 0.3 with new features and content is coming on October 12! Also, Czech and German were added to the list of supported game languages. If you know these and… Read more »