The future of Shoujo City

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Shoujo City 3D is coming to Steam Early Access in January 2018!

My original plan was to keep development and distribution of Shoujo City 3D as a free project. Well, by now it’s clear this plan didn’t really work out. After a whole year of work and numerous alpha releases, the game was played by over 20,000 people. Out of those 20,000+ people only two persons actually decided to support it, donating $20 to Shoujo City Patreon (out of $500 goal). That’s all people who liked the idea of free distribution of the game, and that’s the only money I ever got. While I kept hoping for a long time that things might improve in the future, there is no point to wait any longer and it’s about time to make some decisions, if I want to continue development of the game. And I do want. That’s why:

  • Current alpha 0.4 will always be available for download as a free demo, but will not be updated with any major features or new locations (it still will be updated with all translations from the wiki on a regular basis).
  • All future development of game features is moving to Steam Early Access, with the first release (Alpha 0.5) planned for the beginning of January 2018.

Everybody who wants to keep following development of Shoujo City 3D, please follow it (or add to your wishlist) on Steam:

4 thoughts on “The future of Shoujo City

  1. Eithes

    I’m really sorry things didn’t work out how you wanted. It sucks no one wanted to support it financially. Once I did i checked everyday to see if other people did but I guess not. I hope everything works out in the future ^-^

  2. Rey

    It’s really sad that it will no longer be free, I wish I could support this wonderful project but I don’t have permission to donate money. I will make sure to buy the game once I am old enough to donate and such.

  3. Supervisor Miku

    So sorry it didn’t work out the way you really wanted…………… But don’t worry, I’ll convince my mother to support you and I’m not old enough to do donations. I also have a question. You see, I’m playing your game using Windows so the updates will continue in Windows and Mac OSX or it will move to Steam???? Please answer………….

    1. Laika Post author

      All future updates starting from Alpha 0.5 both for Windows and MacOS will be released on Steam only.

      The current version (0.4a) will be always available as a free demo.


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