10 thoughts on “Bijuu Mike dating Shrimp Sushi

  1. Corpse Flower

    Hey, have you ever heard of the term ‘yandere’?
    It’s a personality type that means someone is so obsessed with you that they’ll do
    absolutely anything to be with you.
    Usually to the point of craziness..
    They might stalk you to make sure you don’t spend time with anyone else.
    They might even hurt you or your friends to get their way…
    For exampel “Yandere simulator” or the new awesome Visuel Novel Doki Doki Literature Club
    A lot of people are actually into the yandere type, you know?
    I guess they really like the idea of someone being crazy obsessed with them.
    So..the point is.
    Maybe if you want you’ll find a littel Influence from these kind of games to make your game more…

    That came out a little rude and awkward..
    Probability you Know this already.
    I’m totally aware about your goal.
    And I don’t wanna kill your Inspiration or anything.

    J-Just mean your Game is really well-made.
    And I’m really into Shinto Miko clothes and stuff.(looking forward btw.) hehehe =P
    BUUUT….. I get the feeling something is missing.

  2. Laika Post author

    There are official Yandere Simulator merchandise items included in the game. Of course I know what yandere is.
    Also, there is a typical yandere girl available for dating in the 2D version of the game.

  3. Isabella

    I tried this game today and it’s pretty awesome, just that I have a problem
    I’m not mad, just frustrated because I can seem to find the button or whatever to rotate
    I would appreciate if you could answer me now, please

    1. Laika Post author

      If by cities you mean new locations, yes. Right now I’m working on the Shinto shrine location. Every location will have new dating spots, shops, and location-specific activities.


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