Shinto Shrine map preview

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Preview of the Shinto shrine map (work in progress). This new location will be finished and included as one of new features in Steam Early Access release in January 2018.

  1. Main building for ceremonies (haiden);
  2. Entrance gates (torii);
  3. Water purification pavilion (temizuya);
  4. Ema plaques;
  5. Auxiliary shrines (massha);
  6. Pavilion;
  7. Office and shop for selling Shinto amulets and souvenirs;
  8. Sacred rock (iwakura);
  9. Auxiliary buildings for personnel;
  10. Wooden lanterns.

All buildings and designs are accurate recreations of real Shinto shrine architecture. The map is not final and likely will change in the future (by adding more details and gameplay mechanics).

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