Christmas Update!

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Note: this update is really small and doesn’t have a lot of new content apart from Christmas decorations. All big updates are coming in Alpha 0.5 release on Steam Early Access in January 2018.

☆ Christmas Updates

  • Christmas trees, wreaths, and window paper decorations in shops and in the apartment room.
  • Falling snow.
  • Giftboxes – you can obtain free gifts by picking boxes under Christmas trees in the school map. Gifts: winter caps (4 designs) and winter earmuffs.
  • Mistletoes in shops. If your girlfriend walks under mistletoe, she will always get into kissing mood and stand there waiting for a kiss.
  • Updated clothes for NPCs.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • New option in the in-game smartphone showing controls.
  • New green mini-skirt and blue tennis shoes in the Fashion Store.
  • Redesign of the “Credits” screen in the title menu.
  • New food: yakisoba (available in Neko Cafe or by cooking), yakitori (in the Taiyaki Shop). Takoyaki is now classified as snack and available in the Taiyaki Shop.
  • If you win a toy in one of UFO catchers, your girlfriend will now say some comment about it (if she is nearby).
  • During “next day” transition camera now shows actual apartment building instead of a screenshot.
  • More interior details in the Neko Cafe.
  • Language selection menu now opens instantly (in the past there was 1-2 second delay) by implementing more advanced loading system.
  • Various small fixes for textures and item previews.
  • Fixed a camera transition issue in the title menu.
  • Fixed a camera positioning issue that happened if you were arrested while sitting.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC bone animations during kissing mini-game.

☆ Translations

Thanks to contributors, Polish, Serbian and Dutch languages are added to the game.

All translations are done by volunteers, and since the game develops and grows every day, it needs an active community of contributors to keep all translations at 100% complete status. If you want to help translating the game into one of languages you know, please send me an email (check “contact/about” page for email address).

3 thoughts on “Christmas Update!

  1. Alyssa Jones

    Hey you remember me from yesterday right I comment you to update the old yea so can add to kidnap girls on that please because I’ve been thinking of that alot and this is the right I’m for to tell you to put in a kidnap girls.


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