Shoujo City Matsuri (update 1.6)

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Shoujo City 3D update 1.6 is released on Steam, App Store, and Google Play. Here is what is new:

* New matsuri area in the Shinto shrine map, which includes 10 food stalls, dining area, and staff tent. Stalls:

  • baked corn (snacks: baked corn, ikayaki, yakiimo, yakitori);
  • frankfurt sausages (snacks: grilled sausages on a stick);
  • ringo ame (snacks: candy apple);
  • choco banana (snacks: chocolate banana – 4 flavors, cotton candy – 2 flavors);
  •  baby castella (snacks: baby castella);
  • taiyaki (snacks: taiyaki – 5 flavors, crepes – 2 flavors, melonpan);
  • okonomiyaki (snacks: okonomiyaki);
  • takoyaki (snacks: takoyaki);
  • kakigoori (snacks: kakigoori – 8 flavors, coconut drink, watermelon piece);
  • yakisoba (snacks: yakisoba, yakisoba pan);

In the staff tent, you can get free matsuri posters (used as apartment room wall decorations).
Yakisoba, kakigoori, and takoyaki stalls are also available in the Summer Town map.

* Fixed a minor bug with camera zooming in too close in some cases while opening girlfriend’s inventory.
* Achievement items are now added to inventory in both story and free modes.
* Fixed a bug which happened if you attempted to kiss girlfriend while holding a pillow.
* Fixed a bug with incorrectly placed coloring marker in some screen resolutions and aspect ratios (coloring book mini-game).

This is the final update for the game (this time for real). Since a few months ago I started working on a new dating sim project based on the same core principles but with vastly more advanced visuals and gameplay mechanics. Early Access Steam release is planned for 2023. For latest updates on development progress, you can check the project’s official Twitter account.

28 thoughts on “Shoujo City Matsuri (update 1.6)

  1. Komaeda

    When I see the 1.5 update announcement of the game, I don’t think I will see the update of the game again. I didn’t expect you to update it. I’m glad to see this update announcement! At the same time, I think you are very diligent! Ha ha, XD. In addition, I’m looking forward to your new game!! (this comment is machine translated.)

  2. CoolSOUL

    I found a bug.
    1. When i go summer town with a girl friend, i go to rock river when i have walk out from river, The girlfriend walk with splish splash sound effect.
    2.Sometimes when girlfriend want ice cream, They say this is not i want.

    1. Laika Post author

      Do you know how to reliably trigger the ice cream bug? A few people reported it, but I still don’t know correct steps for replicating it – and without knowing them, I can’t find out why it happens, unfortunately.

  3. Lina

    this is awesome ( ´ヮ`) but i noticed theres not an option for a lower screen resolution anymore (°ヘ° )??

    1. Laika Post author

      You can set resolution in a drop down menu in the small window that appears first when you start the game on PC. Nothing was changed.

      1. Lina

        yess i tried changing the screen resolution that way but the only option available was 1366×768 </3 which is odd bc a few months ago i had other options ;__;

  4. Kawai

    Sorry Developder but i have 2 questions:
    1How i can buy premium card on PC?
    2Can i have one of the old builds like the alpha… or one of the first builds of came before the one of the first Halloween update please i nedd it.

      1. Kawai

        Oh, sorry for ask but can i have the link for the Christmas update (0,5 alpha version) i need it for PC version

    1. Laika Post author

      All videos are welcome – apart from those which share illegal links or instructions for stealing/hacking paid content of the game. If your video doesn’t contain any of that, then it’s fine.

    1. Laika Post author

      They are not available in mobile versions due to requirements of mobile stores. There is nothing I can do about it, sorry.

  5. Amy

    I ran into the “ice-cream bug” with Kyoko on Windows (Steam). I already got her ending but Steam didn’t unlock her achievement so I’m redoing her. Anyway, I made a backup of my save file if you’d like to take a look at it to debug, I know you’re busy with Anime City though so no pressure. The save file in slot #1 preserves the bug. As a dev myself I know it can be hard to track down bugs like this without a save file or anything… if you’re interested, please e-mail me at amyogilhespy (аt) gmail (ⅾоt) com from an email address from the domain (only so I can prove that it’s you so I’m not sending your intellectual property to someone else) and I’ll reply with my save file attached, or if there’s anything else you need then please don’t hesitate to ask. Shoujo City is one of my very favorite games and I want to help out in any way I can. I probably won’t notice a reply here though so please email me if you want to get my attention.

    Take care,

    P.S. I’ve been streaming Shoujo City to my wife and we both have lots of fun!

  6. Amy

    Woah, I might have just found something super useful about the ice-cream bug! My hunger and thirst stats were super low (I was being lazy since I already got her ending and was just redoing it to unlock the Steam achievement since it didn’t give it to me, so I was being lazy and didn’t notice that my stats were super low). It took 6x water to refill my thirst to 100%, then 5x strawberry pocky to refill my hunger to 100%. After this, giving her the strawberry ice-cream worked as intended, she liked it and gave me +3 relationship points! My thirst was 0.62% and I forgot my hunger but it was super low too.

    Hope this helps solve the issue,

    1. Laika Post author

      I experimented right now with setting my character’s food and water stats to -0.1%, 0%, or 0.6%, and still wasn’t able to replicate the bug. I give Kyoko strawberry ice cream, and always get correct +3 score. So there must be some other reason.
      All save files are encrypted using device’s unique id as private key, so they cannot be used on any other device. If you load that save file and give ice cream, can you trigger the bug every time, or it is random?

      1. Amy


        Sorry for the late reply, I was experimenting with it for a few days and then got busy last week and couldn’t continue for a while. I went to bed after commenting here that first day but when I came back the next day and loaded my save and gave her ice cream she gave me +3 and I could no longer reproduce it with that save file. I think what happened is that I noticed my hunger/thirst stats were super low and closed the game to copy my save file that I thought had the bug preserved back to test it, and the process of completely closing out of Shoujo City (shutting down the game and returning to Windows, not just closing out of the play session back to the main menu) is what fixed it, not drinking all that water and eating Pocky like I thought.

        Later the day after that, I hit the bug again with a different girl, so I installed Cheat Engine to examine the memory and also decompiled the main assembly in dotPeek to try to debug. This is what I spent several days on, because I learned a lot about the bug (and also how the game works, and also-also how the .NET runtime stores strings) but I never found the source of the ice cream bug, unfortunately… I did find some things out that should be helpful though:

        1. From examining the game’s RAM with Cheat Engine, the girlfriend has her stats set to want ice cream (“reqicecream”), even when the bug happens. When the bug is happening, she is still wanting ice cream in her data, that’s how it shows the right message for the request. If I use Cheat Engine to overwrite “reqicecream” with “reqfood” then she all-the-sudden wants dinner instead, and feeding her dinner is not bugged, so the bug doesn’t just *start* with ice cream, it *only* exists with ice cream. You can’t transfer the bug from ice cream to food or drink.

        2. Saving the game from the bugged state, returning to the main menu, then loading the save does not cause the bug to disappear, but saving the game from the bugged state, closing out of Shoujo City entirely, relaunching it, and then loading the save *does* cause it to disappear, so the bug probably has to do with something that only gets initialized at launch.

        3. Of all the things I could find, that array that lists all of the ice-cream IDs (icecream_array) was one of the most suspicious to me bug-wise. I intended to check that in Cheat Engine to see if it got messed up somehow, but I got busy last week and never got around to it yet. I’ll try this week if I can. Looking over the C# source in dotPeek, I think if that array got uninitialized somehow then the bug might get triggered, but then I found a more likely possibility:

        4. If I’m understanding the inventory/item logic right, “0” represents an empty slot, “300*” is for drinks, “330*” is for food, “310*” is also for food (I think probably the snacks) and all ice-creams start with “310”. In one of the methods, I think it’s “f_food_effect”, you don’t actually check if the string parameter called “food” (which is holds the full id with the slash and extra data) has enough characters, so I think if that method got called with a string exactly matching “310”, not starting with “310” like “31012” or “31021/whatever” but literally just “310” then I think it would trigger the bug. No clue how you could wind up with a corrupted item ID of just “310” in an equip slot though. I didn’t know enough about Cheat Engine to know how to call a .NET method to test this but I think CE can do that so I’m planning to try it soon. If you want to test this yourself, try adding something like this to the top of that method:

        public void f_food_effect(string food, int target)
        if (food != null && food.StartsWith(“310”)) { // If it was some snack, instead make it the ice cream bug
        food = “310”;
        // Your code here…

        If I’m right, that should trigger the bug literally every time your girlfriend wants a snack, and if that works then it should make it much easier to debug. I have no way to test this though, so this is just a hypothesis.

        Also, unrelated but you don’t seem to actually translate the message key “reqfood1” but you reference it in dead code.

        Sorry again for such a late reply!

        — Amy

        1. Amy

          Oh, I forgot to mention, a way to test #3 is to bind a debug hotkey to clearing icecream_array, then start playing, press the key to clear the array, and then ask someone out and hope they want ice cream.

          1. Laika Post author

            Looks like you did some extensive digging. Unfortunately, I’m not closer to solving this mystery than before. The bug happens in this part of code:

            if(cs_main.icecream_array.IndexOf(food) > -1 && cs_main.girls[cs_main.player.gfref].favfood.IndexOf(food) > -1)
            else if(cs_main.girls[cs_main.player.gfref].favfood.IndexOf(food) > -1)//favorite, but wrong category

            The second condition happens (ice cream id is found in “favorite food” array, but not found in “ice cream” array). If I manually clear icecream_array during gameplay, yes, I can trigger that bug. But that doesn’t help me much. I double and triple checked all my code, and it’s never cleared or assigned to during gameplay. That array is initialized only once at game start. After that, it’s never modified. So I still have no clue why the game sometimes can’t find correct ice cream id in that array.

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