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Update 1.5 for Shoujo City 3D is released on Steam, App Store, and Google Play. Here is what is new:

    • New UFO catcher machine in Summer Town map. Prizes: toy bear, toy horse, toy turtle, toy unicorn.
    • Akihabara baseball cap (one of random prizes obtained after completing Akihabara water gun mini-game).
    • New recipe for cup ramen (requires kettle).
    • New snack – melonpan (sold in school and jinja maps).
    • Face masks (available in school lockers area).
    • Fixed a bug (freezing girlfriend) which happened if you quickly opened and closed hair customization menu.
    • Fixed a minor bug which happened if you quickly closed survey book in the train opening scene.
    • Fixed a minor bug which allowed to walk on top of benches while carrying swim rings and other similar items.
    • All translations are updated according to game wiki.

With this update, development of the project is coming to end. If there will be further contributions from translators, they will be added to the game, but apart from those, no further updates are planned at the moment. The game was in continuous development for almost 5 years (since beginning of 2017), and at this point there isn’t much left to add to it.

Since a few months ago I started working on a new dating sim project based on the same core principles but with vastly more advanced visuals and gameplay mechanics. Early Access Steam release is planned for 2023. For latest updates on development progress, you can check the project’s official Twitter account.

16 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 1.5

  1. rebelstar

    OK so I know you said the game is no longer in development, but is there any chance of an 18+ patch being released to unequip underwear? I would willingly pay a couple extra bucks for it

    1. Laika Post author

      No, sorry. Some anime games were banned on Steam for doing exactly what you suggest. Moreover, some perfectly legal games were banned just because the same developer had a history of releasing other (completely unrelated) hentai games outside of Steam. Mobile stores are yet more strict with this kind of content. I cannot take any risks.

  2. Rye bread

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to kiss on iOS but for some reason the pocky game isn’t an option? I don’t know if it’s a glitch, I’m doing something wrong, or if it’s simply not in the game anymore. Love if you would help me, great game ❤️

    1. Laika Post author

      Due to requirements of the App Store kissing, pillows, and some other features were removed in iOS version. There is nothing I can do about it, unfortunately.

    1. Laika Post author

      It’s not quite feasible. Realistic night requires numerous sources of light (pole lights, windows, signs, etc.). Which, in turn, requires complex setup with baking all those lights to textures (or making second set of textures for every map building/environment) and then swapping them at runtime… Way too much work.

      And “simple” night (where everything remains the same, while main sun light source is simply decreased from 1 to 0.2 or so, to make environment dark) looks plainly bad. I experimented with that, and my conclusion is that it’s better not to have any night at all than have that kind of night.

  3. Chinese【 中国人 】

    Wait a minute! Don’t update, I want to feed back the problem.
    【Shoujo City 3D】
    1,Please click the link:
    (Game bugs, which can be fixed)
    2,Please click the link:
    (It’s an achievement, why can’t the freedom model bring something?)
    3,Please click the link:
    (It’s not a beauty room, it’s a barbershop)
    4,Please click the link:
    (This is China. I can change Chinese for you)
    5,What’s the cheese for? Why is there no cheese in the recipe book?
    6,What’s basketball for? Will you join the basketball court next time?
    7,The name of the new kettle? I don’t understand English. Why don’t I have Chinese?
    8,Not supporting boys for a while?
    9,Can I add a bath to my phone/PC?
    10,Is it updated in late December or the end of this month?
    11,I don’t want the Steam platform, is there a free version 1.6 on the PC?
    12,Christmas, it’s snowing! Ask PC end old version 0.4b, can link to me to play? Thank you!
    【Anime City】
    1,Can’t cell phones be underwear and swimsuits?
    2,Can I take a bath on my phone?
    3,Will night mode be added after 2023?
    4,Do you want to add other maps?

    Thank you for your support!!

    1. Laika Post author

      Thanks for reporting. Your video #1 isn’t of much help, unfortunately. It shows some bugs, but doesn’t show how exactly you made them happen. I will need detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to replicate those issues. The only bug I can confirm right now is kissing girlfriend while holding a pillow.

      Using swim rings to go past certain obstacles isn’t an issue, since it requires efforts to intentionally break game logic. The same way you can intentionally bug NPCs by blocking their passage, for instance. There is no point to attempt preventing such actions, I think.

      Also, do you, by chance, use an Android emulator or Chromebook to play the game? Because some people in the past reported issues with characters getting stuck in objects (similar to what is shown in your video) due to using emulators. PC emulation of Android version is not supported. On PC, proper PC version (free or Steam) should be used instead.

        1. Laika Post author

          Actually, it’s not quite okay – if you want to help me to fix those bugs, I will need more details on how you managed to trigger those bugs – as I explained in my response. Especially those where characters get stuck in the floor/have broken animations… ^^’

          1. Chinese【中国人】

            I’m so sorry! Take your time!
            Is there a free version on the PC: 0.1? Send it to me to play Thank you!

    2. Laika Post author

      2. The issue shown in video #2 is fixed in upcoming update 1.6.
      3, 4. These are pretty minor things, maybe I will change them later.
      5, 6. These items don’t have any practical use.
      7. I don’t understand your question, sorry. In version 1.5 the kettle is called “水壶” when language is set to Chinese.
      8. Boys will be added in the new game, Anime City.
      9. I don’t understand the question, sorry. If you meant taking a bath, no, that’s not possible and not planned.
      10. It’s being updated right now (Dec 18).
      11. No, sorry. Almost all recent updates go to paid maps, so there is no point to update free version, which has only free school and apartment maps.
      12. Christmas 2017 version, 0.4a:

      Anime City 1-4: yes, and a lot more things on top of that. All maps for the new game will be smaller, but they will have much more content and characters to interact with.


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