Shoujo City update 1.4

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Update 1.4 for Shoujo City 3D is released on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store.

☆ Magic wand mini-game ☆

A new VR mini-game can be played in the Summer Town map. Using a magic wand (sold near entrance to the area of the game) you’ll have to shoot 3 portals and enemies appearing out of them (ghosts and bats). Teddy bear can be obtained after completing the mini-game.

☆ Bats ☆

Sleeping bats can be found in empty buildings in the Shinto shrine map. Use water gun to shoot them and collect. Bats can be released in the squirrel enclosure (3,000 Yen for each) or placed on head of characters.

☆ New dakimakura ☆

Contributed by Annesa Wolf from the Aqua De Vida comic webtoon.

☆ Other Improvements ☆

  • Rain effect was reworked and now uses two times less particles (improved FPS on weak devices).
  • Camera control script was rewritten to solve several collision/clipping issues which happened when camera was navigating close to ceiling and walls.
  • Fixed idle animation for cardboard cat enemy.
  • Fixed a minor issue with speed of diagonal movement while operating a water gun.
  • Fixed a minor bug with girlfriend’s behavior which happened if you served food in apartment room after 3 PM.

☆ New clothes and items ☆

  • Baseball cap with cat ears.
  • Paintings for room decorations (5 pieces).
  • Bunny hairpins.
  • Rainboots (two colors).
  • Tights with cat print.
  • Improved meshes for all house slippers.

(all these items are sold in the convenience store)

26 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 1.4

  1. questiongoni

    hey i saw what you said on twitter about the pocky game not being accepted… but how come games like sims have kissing and stuff and also other games similar to yours. i am not questioning you btw i am questioning the appstore. are they inconsistent?

    1. Laika Post author

      When the App Store don’t like something, they send you a notification, offering a choice to publish an updated version complying with their requirements, or appeal their decision. One day they notified that the word “Shoujo” in the game’s title is offensive and insulting, and should be removed. I thought that this request was ridiculous, so instead of complying, I sent an appeal and attached a long list of links to other romantic anime games published on their store with the word “Shoujo” in title. Two days later my appeal was rejected without any explanation, and my game was banned and removed from the store.

      Since then, I never argue, never ask any questions, never appeal anything. They can request any random and absurd changes they want, and I have no other choice but complying. That’s how it works.


    Hello creators of shoujo city I have a few questions about the game that I would like to be answered, the first one I want to clarify that I already know that creating a game is not easy and that I only ask you these questions with all due respect.
    First question: This question is about a yandere simulator t-shirt there is a t-shirt that is like with a drawing of Yandere Chan that is Tense, that could be obtained in the UFOS I do not know why they removed it or if it can only be obtained in the PC version or that but someone can tell me please what happened with the shirt.
    Here is a link to a video of that shirt:
    Second question: I think this question is asked by many people and it is: Why is the panties and swimsuits not implemented in the Android version ???
    Can you tell me why please
    Well that was all thanks for your time and goodbye.


      Another thing could you tell me please, if the game “Anime City” will be available on Android ???
      OK I just wanted to ask sorry for the inconvenience

    2. Laika Post author

      1. I wasn’t particularly satisfied with that design, so I deleted it.
      2. Underwear and some other features were removed from mobile version on request of the stores (App Store and Google Play).

  3. Andriu

    Hi Laika I have some questions about this Halloween Update:
    And this other:
    1.Can I have the download link please of the two versions please
    2. If any of the two versions are compatible with Android instead of giving me the file for PC you can give me the Apk please.
    3.If any of the two versions are compatible with Android instead of giving me the file for PC you can give me the Apk please.

  4. Andriu

    Ops sorry I repeated the second question, the third question was if you mind if I make a video for YouTube about the versions.

    1. Laika Post author

      All videos are always welcome – as long as they don’t contain links for illegal downloads/hacking of paid content from the game.

  5. Andriu

    Hello Laika, do you remember the version you gave me, because there was a problem, I simply downloaded the file and first it told me that it was Crash then I left and went back to it and it was like everything appeared pink and not You could see nothing, finally, I got into the Data files and said that my computer can’t support it and I can’t download it, but it seems weird because I also have version 1.1 downloaded on my computer and it works for me.
    Ok that was all anyway thanks for handing me the file.

    1. Laika Post author

      I downloaded the same archive and launched the game right now. Everything works fine. I think the problem is with your PC/graphics card.

  6. Andriu

    Hello Laika I have a question, I was playing the game quietly and I wanted to break the rules on the school grounds, but I have a question if you put your crush in underwear, why you end up paying the 1000 ¥ ??? and not your girlfriend if she the one who was in underwear.

  7. Andriu

    Hi Laika I have a question,
    When is the new update coming?
    ( I am sorry if I have written something wrong, it is that I do not know English I am using the

      1. Riikka

        Hello, I know that you said some features were removed from the android version but when I try to play piano the roommate just stands there so I can’t earn art points very well. Also where do you find dakimakura in the pc version? I think it was really unfair for the AppStore to have made you change the game’s name. Shoujo just means anime or manga that is targeted for a young women audience. I don’t get why they made you change it and banned your game without explanation.

  8. Akers

    Hey! Thank you for taking the time to read this comment, I was wondering if you were ever thinking of allowing us to use the items we won in story mode in free mode? Such as the umbrella, the candies, the plushies, etc? If this is already a thing, I apologize.

    1. Laika Post author

      Yes, that makes sense. I will fix that in next update, but don’t know yet when that update may come out, sorry.


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