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There is approximately one year remaining until release of the final version of Shoujo City 3D (planned for summer 2020), so I wanted to outline main development goals for transition from the current alpha version to complete game.

Right now the game has many various dating activities, but they don’t provide consistent gameplay as yet, and the entire skill system is not used at all. The main goal of all the changes explained below is building complete and logical gameplay, which will also allow to replay the game several times and choose alternative walkthrough routes.

ā˜† Heroine & skill system

The main planned change is removing “default” girlfriend every player automatically gets at the beginning of each game, and replacing her with several heroine characters one can meet during walkthrough and choose one of them for dating (how many girls will be available for dating is to be decided as yet). Approaching and asking out one of girls will require your stats (skills) meeting her minimum expectations, which will be different for every girl. This way you’ll have to work on increasing certain stats of your character, depending on what girl you’ll decide to pursue.

Some girls will be easier to win, while others may require you spending the first few days working solely on your stats, before they agree to go out on a date with you.

“Pillow dating” mode will remain in the game, but instead of choosing this route at start, it will be available as one of dating options during walkthrough.

ā˜† School schedules

School will be used as the main location for meeting (and asking out) girls on dates, and also for attending classes. School grades will accumulate during a school week, and if you fail to get the minimum required score, you will be expelled from school, resulting in game over.

Classes will be held on certain hours according to daily and weekly schedules, and, like all other activites, they will deplete your stamina. In order to succeed in both school and dating activities, you’ll have to plan your actions accordingly.

ā˜† Game win & game lose conditions

The game will have a limited amount of days. On the last day a girl with highest relationship score and highest compatibility % (which will depend on how her interests and your stats combine) will confess her feelings to you.

The game can end before the final day if your school grades drop too low, or if your money balance drops below zero.

5 thoughts on “One year until release

  1. Lavenfer

    So, it looks like you’re taking it to visual novel game route. Well, that’s kind of fair. I’m hoping there is free roam like the one we have now and consider this main gameplay as story mode. Not that I discourage it but it’s just me not being able to like that “visual novel” way. However, you do what you have to do as you already have a goal in sight there. Go for it. I’ll look on how it goes.

    1. Laika Post author

      The gameplay will remain largely the same. But there will be many girls to date instead of one, and you will be followed by a girl only when you choose to, instead of 100% of time. So the changes will give more freedom and more gameplay options, not less.
      The current gameplay doesn’t combine well with skills/stats system, so it had to be changed anyway. It doesn’t make much sense to work on improving your stats to impress your girlfriend, if she is already living with you and never leaves you even if you don’t care about her at all.

      1. Lavenfer

        Actually, I’m afraid of that limited days, which makes me think that not much will be accomplished especially not being able to buy certain expensive furnitures and other stuff. The furniture I mention are mostly the kitchen and storage. I like cooking at home, more than eating out, because I like flipping through recipe book. A good memory game though. I know there will be walkthroughs but there’s so much to do in, for example, “2 months” in game time. I was just expressing myself in the earlier post. Sorry about that. Maybe some quest or more part-time jobs like selling clothings or tending the Mart, just to get extra cash. However, I’m going to wait for your development as your idea is already solid as it looks. It’s not as empty as Artificial Academy 2, with literally running around finding and just do stuff on them, you know what I mean. By the way, again, sorry for the earlier post.


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