Shoujo City update 0.9.3

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Update 0.9.3 of Shoujo City 3D is released for PC (Steam + free version), iOS, and Android.

☆ School classes

Every day time will go from 8 AM to 17 PM. Time can be checked in the in-game smartphone, on the school clock, or on clocks that can be placed in your apartment room. Current day of the week can be checked in the in-game smartphone, and is also announced during next day transition.

There are two classes available in the school, and three new NPCs who will attend these classes.

  • Monday : language study
  • Tuesday : language study
  • Wednesday : physical education
  • Thursday : language study
  • Friday : language study
  • Saturday : physical education
  • Sunday : free day

You can attend these classes to improve your science and sports skills. In the language study class you’ll have to pass Japanese kanji tests (if you set game language to Chinese you’ll have to pass Chinese characters tests instead), and in the PE class you’ll have to run 50 meter dashes. Both these classes will deplete your stamina like all other activities.

Sports girl NPC that was formerly running in the sports field now works as PE teacher.

Student council NPC now also works as language class teacher (in addition to her regular routine of patrolling the school).

☆ New skill system

The skill system was redesigned. Your character now has the following skills:

  • science (improved by passing language tests).
  • arts (improved by playing piano).
  • sports (improved by playing tennis and running on the sports field).
  • social (improved by dating).
  • cooking (improved by cooking at home and during maid cafe mini-game).
  • fashion (improved by buying and putting on new clothes and accessories. Each item will upgrade your fashion stats only once).

Skill and relationship score announcements have new icons and show exact scores you get (or lose). Announcements now queue correctly one after another (if there are multiple simultaneous announcements).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Several new dialogues for dating scenes. Some conversation topics were renamed. New and changed dialogues will appear only if you start a new game.
  • New plush bunny toy (can be obtained as one of random prizes in the water gun mini-game).
  • One dating spot in the school map is removed.
  • Playing hide-and-seek now doesn’t affect sports skill (it affects only relationship score).
  • When you have food in hands during maid cafe mini-game, now you can’t talk to NPCs. This makes serving food easier, since there is no overlapping between NPC and table triggers.
  • The recipe book now correctly returns to the previous page instead of resetting to the first page (after checking a recipe).
  • While operating water gun, tennis racket, broom, and watering can, your character will stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Fixed several animation issues related to using water gun, tennis racket, broom, and watering can.
  • Fixed a bug with tail not being restored correctly after sitting on some chairs/benches.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect body placement that happened if you jumped on a rocking horse while it was moving.

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    1. Laika Post author

      Kakigoori are sold in the Summer Town map. In free version of the game, just use any other drink instead.


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