Shoujo City update 0.9.2

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Shoujo City version 0.9.2 is released on Steam, App Store, and Google Play.

Game engine is updated from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2017.4. Updated engine comes with a lot of subtle changes in game physics, path finding, and graphics rendering, so bugs are possible. If you encounter any bugs, please report by email.

☆ New hairstyles

  • short front tails
  • buns with short tails
  • buns with long tails

☆ New clothes and accessories

  • white skirt – sold in the clothes store
  • hair bows (4 colors) – sold in the clothes store
  • flower hairpins – sold in the clothes store
  • cat face hat – sold in the clothes store
  • dandelion flower – can be obtained from dandelions (school map)

☆ Secondary hair accessories

Now hairstyles with tails and braids have additional slots for attaching hair accessories (through top-right equipment slot which is also used for Shinto amulets and glasses). Affected hairstyles:

  • single braid
  • double braids
  • double long tails
  • double short tails
  • front short tails (new hairstyle)
  • long hair with strands on sides

Accessories that can be used for attaching to tails and braids:

  • daisy hairpins
  • butterfly hairpins
  • school bows (4 types)
  • hair bows (4 colors)
  • flower hairpins
  • dandelion flower

If you had these accessories in inventory/equipment and load a saved game (from previous version), they will be marked as “deleted” (since they have different IDs in this update). Put such items into recycle bin and buy new ones from the clothes store.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • All game settings now can be changed in the main menu.
  • On first run, the game will detect wide screens (18:9, 20:9, etc.) and change aspect ratio to 18:9 automatically (this can be changed later in settings).
  • All sitting routines are shortened. Now characters will sit down and stand up about two times faster.
  • Fixed a bug with stamina calculation during the maid cafe mini-game.
  • Fixed a minor issue with arms animations for NPCs (while consuming drinks).
  • Fixed a minor issue with camera controls while operating tennis racket and water gun.
  • A small improvement for walking animation (fixed stretching of textures on upper back).

14 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 0.9.2

  1. Chris Lefebvre

    Just a question: how many Yandere Simulator shirts are obtainable from the UFO Machine? Thanks.

  2. Lavenfer

    I’m giving my thoughts for the game so far. I’ve decided to try out the maid job in the cafe and I’m thrilled to try them out. However, as I enter the store room in the cafe, I was struggling to find the ingredients on shelves and I kept thinking if the customers were to go out for not servicing them. I don’t find any time limit there, and I heard one customer decided to go out as I was searching the ingredients. The salary was fine though. Another thing was the table, I tried to put the requested food for customer and I find it hard to find the point to put them on the table. I kept clicking the customer instead. So, these are the 2 problems I encountered. If you don’t mind, will you put the label on the shelves in the cafe? And also, add a “Serve” button on the customer’s table? I’m hoping that the Girlfriend too, work together and help out serving the customer while I cook or vice-versa, in the future.

    P.S: I’m bad at rhythm game, will you put Easy mode on it or any simpler game? Just a suggestion, not forcing.

    1. Laika Post author

      The issue with putting food on table will be fixed in next update, since it definitely needs improvement. As to the rest, I’ll think about what can be done about it, thanks for your suggestions.

        1. Laika Post author

          Well, I checked reviews on Google Play that were posted after recent 1.9.0 update, and nobody else reports any issues or crashes. So I have no idea at the moment what to say about it. Will keep investigating.

  3. dolly

    is underwear available in the android version? i heard we can get it from vending machines in akihabara, but my character say that she doesn’t know how to do it so i’m confused. з: also thank you for this amazing game! that is the first time i buy something in the game with real money, but i am so happy that i can support you 🙂

      1. dolly

        maybe it would be possible for us to download some file directly from this site (like some kind of a mode) that could activate this ability? i just think that it is a really interesting part of the gameplay. 🙂
        also i will look forward to your future updates! your games deserves so much more recognition, thank yiu for your hard work!

  4. DarkdaemonPK2

    How come the school swimsuit is only available in the PC version? Will it be also available in Android OS?


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