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After almost two months of reviews and rejections, the App Store finally allowed to update the iOS version of Shoujo City 3D. In order to comply with numerous requests for content removal of the store, some content of the game had to be removed and changed:

  • Two equipment slots for underwear, and all underwear (including swimsuits) formerly sold in the game, are removed.
  • “Shirt” and “skirt” equipment slots are locked, so clothes in these slots now can be only swapped with other items, but not removed.
  • “Crawling” feature is removed.
  • The game was renamed from “Shoujo City 3D” to “Anime City 3D”.

The game now has 17+ rating on the App Store, but even with that rating, you’ll have to ride water slides fully clothed, since girls wearing swimsuits at a water park was considered too offensive and objectionable, apparently. Oh well, at least they didn’t force to dress all girls into non-removable burqa or something. Maybe that will be their next request, though.

All these changes (apart from the title) were also introduced to Android version of the game. I’m not really happy with these changes, but I didn’t have any choice, actually.

All versions of the game (PC, iOS and Android) now are at the same version 0.8.12.

16 thoughts on “Mobile versions updates

    1. Laika Post author

      I won’t be even surprised if they indeed request that. I think it’s both hilarious and sad that violence, torturing, murdering, dismembering, contract killing of your fellow humans is considered totally acceptable and safe content for kids by the App Store standards (there are numerous shooters and hitman-style games with 9+ rating on their store), but a game about school romance where you never can harm any living being ends up with 17+ rating and a lot of censorship.
      If instead of a cute game where you have to take care about your girlfriend I made a game where you have to dismember random innocent people with a chainsaw, the App Store would allow it to pass their review without any censorship. That says a lot about moral values of the modern society, I think.

      1. Nanatsumi -chan

        It’s because it’s too beautiful of a game. They jelly. Oh, and a suggestion, maybe you could add a mini fridge to store food and a dresser for clothes! ^v^ Figurines are awesome too

        Laika-senpai notice me!!

  1. Laysa

    Não consigo baixar não recomendo o meu android é 6.1 sempre quis jogar só que no meu não entra queria que arrumassem isso por favor

  2. sdfhkjhhgdghj

    “Oh well, at least they didn’t force to dress all girls into non-removable burqa or something. Maybe that will be their next request, though.”

    I don’t even understand why stuff like this happens really. I don’t get the basis for the logic, because the same people who want to cover bodies because they’re offended by bathing suits are the exact same ones who also try to tell the world that freedom of sexuality and romance and “free love” is supposed to be a great/empowering/liberating thing. I have no idea why these same people then freak out over some skin showing in a videogame. Grow up.

    Honestly I think it’s just videogames that have to deal with this, because this stuff is deemed to be totally acceptable in movies, TV shows, magazines, and everywhere else. But there’s some moral cult of outrage in gaming and it’s all over nothing. I’ve never seen someone hurt by witnessing someone in their underwear or a bathing suit. And on top of that, it’s not even real, this is a fictional game and if this is something that anyone is actually worried about, I sincerely believe their concerns are misplaced.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you don’t ever get pressured into having to censor the PC/Mac version due to the wishes of intensely hypocritical people who can’t even make up their mind on what the hell it is that they want.

  3. DarkdaemonPK2

    I just recently purchased the premium content on Google Play and I’m a bit disappointed when I just learned today that you can’t change the underwear in the game (or at least make them wear only underwear) or even make them wear swimsuits. I’ll just wait for the completion of the game to see how it will fare out.

    1. Laika Post author

      I was told that terms “shoujo” and “yuri” could be considered offensive and controversial by some players, so I had to remove both. I guess people at the App Store don’t know anything about Japan beyond tentacle porn, so the moment they saw Japanese words in game description they assumed those are some hentai terms, and refused to listen to my explanations.

  4. neko nii

    what i dont get is why they force you to take away crawling and bathing suits but then in other anime games they can have that. (like sakura school sim, sgs, and others)

    1. Laika Post author

      Yep. There is no way to get any explanations for their censorship decisions. My only choices are either complying immediately, or get my game immediately banned, period.


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