Update 0.8.15

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Steam, Android, and iOS versions of Shoujo City 3D are updated to version 0.8.15. Here is what is new in this update:

  • One new NPC in the school map: a girl running in the sports field. After completing the field track ten times, she will buy a drink and go towards map exit point.
  • Two new uwabaki shoes (in the clothes store).
  • New guardian statues of stone squirrels in the Shinto shrine map.
  • Improved textures and UV maps for all tights and socks (better shadows and seams).
  • New snacks: yakisoba pan (Taiyaki shop and Summer Town takoyaki stall), choco nuts ice cream, azuki ice-cream (vending machines).
  • Schoolgirl NPCs now can actually buy and consume drinks and snacks in shops.
  • In the Shinto shrine map, when all NPCs return to the bus, it will depart and ride away.
  • Fixed a bug with tomato kissing simulation not starting in some cases.
  • Rotation speed during walking is slightly increased.
  • Fixed a water gun aiming issue (when used in “tank controls” mode).

7 thoughts on “Update 0.8.15

    1. Laika Post author

      I’m experimenting with a few new features. One of them is tennis mini-game. But there is no guarantee as yet that it will appear in next update.

    1. Laika Post author

      Maybe, and maybe not. It will depend on whether I can come up with some interesting mechanics for a basketball game. So that both player and girlfriend can compete in it in some way, gain scores, and it will affect their skills/relationships. Right now I’m not sure as yet how to fit all of that into basketball activity. But I’ll think about it.


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