Shoujo City update 0.8.14

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PC (Steam and free demo), iOS, and Android versions of Shoujo City 3D are updated to version 0.8.14.

☆ New NPCs

New schoolgirl NPCs were added to Shinto shrine and school maps. They will walk around, make purchases in shops, and take photos. In the shrine map NPCs will also perform traditional Shinto prayer in front of the main building. This was done to make locations more lively and realistic. More NPCs with different behavior patterns will be added in future updates.

☆ New food

  • Dekopon (sold in Shoujo Mart).
  • Banana and strawberry crepes (sold in Taiyaki shop).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a small texture error for green school jacket.
  • Improved meshes for “Sandals A” (all colors).
  • Shinto shrine map now has music (can be turned on and off by interacting with audio speaker, or by changing music setting in the in-game smartphone).
  • New model of a city bus (in Shinto shrine and Summer Town maps).

☆ Translations

Thanks to contributors, Turkish language is now available in the language selection menu (60% complete). All game languages, apart from English and Russian, are managed by volunteers, so their availability and completeness depend on whether there are people willing to help with languages they know. If you know some language and want to help translating the game, please contact me by email.

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