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iOS version of Shoujo City 3D REQUIRES:

  • 2 GB RAM (or more);
  • Apple A9 processor (or newer);

Supported devices: iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus, Iphone 7 (all versions), iPhone 8 (all versions), iPhone X; iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Pro (all versions);

All other iOS devices are not supported. All iPhone 5 models, iPhone 6, iPad Airs, iPad Minis are not supported, because they are outdated devices produced many years ago and not suitable for playing modern 3D games which take a lot of memory and CPU/GPU resources. The game will be forced to close by iOS on such devices due to insufficient memory and insufficient CPU/GPU resources to handle high resolution textures.

There is no magic to make modern 3D resource-demanding games to work on old devices which just don’t have capabilities to run such games. For older devices, please check Shoujo City 2D instead, which will work on all existing iOS devices, including iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini:

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