Shoujo City 3D iOS release!

iOS version of Shoujo City 3D is finally released on the App Store! The game comes with one in-app purchase (“Premium Card”) unlocking the Shinto Shrine map. Everything else is free. If you like this project and want to see it continuing to develop in the future, please consider supporting it by buying the Premium Card. All money from in-app purchases will be invested into further development of the game.


Software: iOS 11 or newer;

Hardware: Apple A9 processor (or newer) and 2 GB RAM (or more) are recommended (which means iPhone 6S or better, iPad 2017 or better). The game may lag or not work properly on devices below these requirements.

iOS version is exactly the same as the current 0.7e Steam version for PC/Mac, apart from overlay with touch-screen controls, there are no changes. Real-time shadows are disabled by default, since they don’t look good on mobile devices – you still can enable them in the settings. Also, the iOS release has these additions, not included in the Steam version as yet:

☆ New cosplay items

  • Silver and golden crowns (available in Fashion Store).

☆ New food

  • Matcha and matcha latte (available in vending machines).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a bug with title menu appearing in background in girlfriend’s creation menu.
  • Fixed a bug with girlfriend closing her eyes during tomato kissing mini-game.


15 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D iOS release!

    1. Laika Post author

      Hello, if you need any help with downloading the game, please describe what kind of issues you have, specifically. Due to multiple spelling errors it’s difficult to understand your post, sorry.

    1. Laika Post author

      If you mean the Amazon Appstore, it is too small and unpopular compared to Google Play, so it doesn’t make sense to publish anything there for small indie developers like me.


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