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The new kissing feature is almost finished. I hope everybody will like it, since I invested weeks of work and a lot of creativity into it. Kissing will be a major gameplay element (alongside with dating and cooking) in the game. There will be a new video about this feature on Shoujo City Youtube channel soon.

6 thoughts on “KISS ☆ KISS

  1. Daniel Cutright

    How in the world does one actually initiate a KISS or the Pocky Game when she is in the kissing mood? I watched the Video, I did the exact same thing and it doesn’t work… all I do is eat the damn Pocky … :/ Frustrated

    1. Laika Post author

      This is not a finished product – just a small playable demo for showing basic game concepts. A lot of bugs everywhere, probably.

      “I can’t do that here” means you stand too close to some obstacle. Walk right in the middle of the road and try there. If you get the same message even there, it’s definitely a bug.

  2. Park Mikyong

    Hi!i was wondering how the couple could kiss without using the pockey game.Does the lover have to initiate her security with the pockey first And then find comfort and kiss without the pockey?


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