Water Gun Event!

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This update is available in both paid and free versions of Shoujo City 3D.

☆ Water Gun event

A special water gun VR mini-game will be available throughout October 2018.

Water gun shooting mini-game was one of most distinct features of ai sp@ce – the discontinued MMO that always was the main source of inspiration for Shoujo City. This year marks ten years since official launch of ai sp@ce (October 15, 2008), so I wanted to make some special in-game event to celebrate this date.

To start the mini-game, you’ll have to buy a water gun, VR glasses and a ticket (sold in a stall near the convenience store). Two spots for the game are located on the school sports field and in the shrine. To fill your water gun with water you can use temizuya in the shrine, or one of hand washing basins in the school.

The goal of the game is to destroy all portals, while also eliminating cat soldiers spawning from them. After all portals are destroyed, you can collect prize boxes that will give you a random prize:

  • Mikan (consolation prize)
  • Mini-figurine of Cat Soldier
  • Golden Omamori
  • Bracelet Set
  • Summer Hat
  • Gunslinger Hat

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Additional dialogues for dating scenes.
  • New wooden blinds (sold in the convenience store).
  • A few small additional details for school rooms.
  • Now you can sit down at all desks in the school.
  • All inventory items with 3D viewing mode are now marked by small white triangle in the top-right corner. All items from “snacks” and “drinks” categories now can be viewed in 3D mode.
  • Fixed a small issue with chest rotation angles during idle animations.
  • Summer Town music now doesn’t interfere with kissing mini-game music.
  • More accurate transitions for fixed camera views in rooms.
  • Holding one-hand items (e.g., leek) now doesn’t prevent picking up items (e.g., squirrels).
  • Fixed a few small errors for eating/drinking animations.
  • Fixed a bug with on-screen joystick disappearing on certain camera transitions (iOS version).

3 thoughts on “Water Gun Event!

    1. Laika Post author

      Not quite a VR game, but I want to make another event involving the water gun for this Halloween (if I manage to prepare everything required during October).


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