Shoujo City 3D Android release!

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Minimum device requirements:

  • Android 6
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 625 CPU

Recommended device requirements:

  • Android 6 (or newer)
  • 3 GB RAM (or more)
  • Snapdragon 650 CPU (or better)

And yes, I am well aware that most people who asked for Android version have devices below these requirements, and that not everybody can afford to buy a new and powerful smartphone. And still no, there is no magic in this world to make a game like that to work on every old and budget smartphone out there. Because every device has limits for what graphics it can process due to its hardware.

For instance, you can’t play Witcher 3 on Playstation 1, not even on PS 2 or 3. You’ll need to buy the newest, more powerful, and more expensive Playstation 4 for that. Why? Because only Playstation 4 has hardware powerful enough to process a game like that. It works the same way for all other video games. Games with higher quality graphics require higher quality and more powerful hardware.

If you have an old and budget smartphone, please check Shoujo City 2D instead. It has much simpler graphics, and that’s exactly why it can run on all old and budget devices.

24 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D Android release!

  1. Phan Thanh Huy

    Chào các bạn Việt Nam,
    Vì lý do thiết bị mình quá yếu nên mình sẽ không dịch thuật trò chơi này nữa,
    các bạn ai chơi được thì liên hệ với admin để dịch sang Tiếng Việt nhé.

    1. Laika Post author

      I’m sorry to hear that. But thanks for all your work anyway. I hope somebody else can resume Vietnamese translation.

    1. Laika Post author

      Squirrels appear in the sports field behind the school. You can catch them by walking towards one and tapping on “action” button.

    1. Laika Post author

      The only logical explanation I have is insufficient RAM, since the school map requires much more RAM than the apartment map. But since I personally tested the game on devices with 2 and 3 GB RAM, and it worked fine, I don’t have any clue why it doesn’t work for you, sorry. Maybe your particular device has some additional features or services (built on top of default Android OS) limiting amount of RAM allocated to each process? But that’s just a random guess.

    1. Laika Post author

      I don’t know how this is technically possible, so I don’t know how I can fix that. Since your phone is above minimum requirements already, even if I set requirements to “anything” in Google Play, this won’t help you, I think. What is the name of your phone?


    Why does one have at the beginning no underwear as with the pc version? And you can not buy any nowhere I wanted to try this at school only with underwear running around (I know what happens, but no matter)

    Because I have a very bad laptop that is not made for gaming and whenever I want to go to town it crashes


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