Tanabata update (0.8.2)

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Alpha 0.8.2 update is published on Steam and the App Store. Here is what is new:

☆ Tanabata decorations and items

  • All maps have small bamboo trees with Tanabata paper decorations (Tanabata is a traditional summer festival celebrated in Japan on July 7).
  • Two new yukata (summer kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) can be bought in the Shinto shrine map.

☆ Apartment room updates

  • The “rack b” (with computer) now has two additional slots for window and balcony door curtains. New curtains can be bought in the convenience store (2 different designs thus far). After placing them on windows you can open and close curtains by using “action” button.
  • Computer in apartment room now can be used to read update log for the newest version of the game. Also, you can buy a new computer in the convenience store (3 different computers are available).

☆ New food and recipes

  • Ingredients: asari clams, miso paste (sold in the Shoujo Mart);
  • Recipes: miso soup, asari miso soup, tsukimi udon, tsukimi soba.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Girlfriend’s equipment button was moved to the main toolbar (since many people had trouble finding it).
  • Two new hairstyles are available in the beauty salon.
  • A new hair ribbon accessory (in the Fashion Store).
  • The waitress NPC in the cafe is improved and now will actually serve the food you order, instead of it just appearing on the table.
  • More item categories (kitchenware and most of cooked food) now can be examined in 3D mode.
  • Optimization of textures to reduce size of game files (iOS version).

6 thoughts on “Tanabata update (0.8.2)

    1. Laika Post author

      Walk towards the computer rack interaction spot (between chair and window). Click on action button. In the inventory, drag & drop curtains to one of two slots marked with “窓” (window). They are on the left and on the right from “PC” table slot.


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