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A video by Newzkung Raccoonza (Thai language).

I know there are a lot of fans of Shoujo City in Thailand, but there is no Thai language in the game as yet – because we don’t have any translators for that language. If somebody wants to begin translating Shoujo City into Thai language, please send me an email to get an account at the game wiki, where all texts are stored and managed. If we find people willing to help, this language will be added in next update!

We are also looking for active translators willing to help with other already added languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. The game grows every day and new texts are added all the time. Maintaining and updating all texts in different languages requires an active community of contributors willing to help with translations. My email address and more information for translators can be found at http://wiki.shoujocity.com

UPDATE (Sep 27): several contributors have contacted me and started translating the game into Thai language already, so this language will be included in alpha 0.3 release. Thank you everyone!

UPDATE (Sep 29): one person have contacted me offering to contribute Polish language translations. If anybody else reading this wants to help translating game texts into Polish language, please send me an email. If we find a few people willing to contribute, this language will be included in alpha 0.3.

11 thoughts on “Looking for translators

  1. Cyrinn JAn

    Pls shoujocity add that in the Google play store pls shoujocity I want to play that to my Android and a little MB pls shoujocity am begging you pls make that in the Google play store pls

    1. RNLcrafter

      พอดีว่าเกมเพิ่งเปิดตัวครับ แถมเป็นเวอร์ชั่นทดลองด้วย ถ้าเป็นเวอร์ชั่นเต็มมันจะสวยงามและมีสถานที่เยอะอย่างใน Smart Phone ที่เป็น 2D เลยทีเดียวครับ

  2. KyoriAsh

    So if you said that this game is spiritual successor of ai sp@ce, I would like to see the returning of the Water Shooting game, which was a hit back then in ai sp@ce. Also I think there is impossible to revive area such as Akibahara, Da Capo, Clannad and Shuffle island right?

    1. Laika Post author

      Actually, I think the water shooting game was the bane of Ai Sp@ce and contributed to its subsequent shutdown. Originally Ai Sp@ce was meant to be a virtual simulator of relationships with anime girls, and always was promoted as such. That’s what everyone expected since the first news about Ai Sp@ce appeared. One year after launch nothing was ever done to create any gameplay for that. Your anime girl was just running after you, and that’s about it. You couldn’t talk to her or interact in any way. When people started leaving Ai Sp@ce because there was no gameplay they hoped for, creators abandoned their original idea of making a relationship simulator and added the shooting game to give at least some reason for people to stay online and buy premium clothes. The shooting game was popular due to the sole reason of there being nothing else to do in the entire game, I think.

      Ai Sp@ce had a lot of fantastic things done right, but it also had many things done very badly, unfortunately. I don’t have a goal to copy everything there was in the game – after all, we know already that it was a failed project, so recreating it again without changing anything would lead to the same failure. I’m recreating what Ai Sp@ce originally was meant to be, but never became – a simulator of relationships with virtual anime girls. Ai Sp@ce that existed before creators basically said “we have no idea what to do with that chara-doll thing, so let’s just turn the game into a shooter instead”.

      There won’t be Da Capo, Clannad and Shuffle islands. All of those were designed using copyrighted content and characters from anime series. I can’t use any copyrighted content without official permission from anime studios.

      There will be Akihabara. With actual game centers, cosplay shops, and maid cafes.

      I have a lot of other things to say about Ai Sp@ce, so maybe I’ll write a full article about it later.

      1. Kim Le

        Hi- It would be a pleasure if I can be part of the translator for vietnamese language. Facebook to contact if you need to – for free of course – Thus, I want to do it because I want to open it to vietnamese people who like to play it but don’t know English. -Linh Maeko Or Tachi Bakana. Regard- Kim Le.

  3. shuttle

    Please make this for tablet I really wanna play it’s so cool looking I really would appreciate if you did that please I really wanna play so please (idk how many times I said please but :\)
    well I really wanna play urggg it’s sooooo cool I really don’t wanna just sit here and look at it I just wanna play AAAHHHH!!!!

    1. Laika Post author

      Спасибо, но в этом нет необходимости. Переводом на русский занимаюсь я, там осталось дописать немного диалогов, скоро все будет переведено. Переводчики нужны только для тех языков которые я не знаю. А русский я знаю хорошо ^^


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