One week until release

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It has been almost a year since I started working on Shoujo City 3D. Just one week is remaining until release of alpha-0.1, and I hope everybody who follows development of this project is looking forward to it. ^^

All in-game texts are now in the wiki. Everybody who wants to help with translations is welcome to join. Click on “Contribute?” link in the top menu if you are interested. Every contributor will be listed in game credits.

Also, now in addition to Twitter login you can use Google login to post comments on this website. Once you have at least one approved comment (made from Twitter/Google account), all your future comments will appear without waiting for approval.

4 thoughts on “One week until release

  1. Mai Astyles

    Tuyệt vời! Hy vọng ngôn ngữ tiếng việt sẽ hoàn chỉnh trước khi ra game! Mình nhất định sẽ ủng hộ game của các bạn! Mình rất mong đợi đến ngày được trải nghiệm game ^^

    1. Phan Thanh Huy

      hiện tại mình đang dịch ngôn ngữ,
      bạn thấy chỗ nào mình dịch ko hay thì nhắn tin mình sửa lại, vì mình kém văn lắm :))
      facebook +14253582417


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