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One of the most requested features for Shoujo City was translation into other languages. This feature is very difficult to implement in the original (2D) game due to numerous bits of text being hard-coded into various files without any system or order, which made the task of finding all those elusive bits of text and editing them somewhat challenging.

Since so many people requested for this feature, Shoujo City 3D was designed from the very beginning to be easily compatible with any other languages in addition to English. All text is now stored in separate files with uniform structure and can be easily edited any time. Incomplete translations are also possible – if some particular line of text wasn’t translated as yet, the game will fall back to default English and then proceed to translated text whenever it’s available. Which means that translated text can be added into development builds of the game any time and without waiting for any final and complete translations.

Apart from English (default game language), the game will have Japanese and Russian language support. Availability of any other languages in the future will mostly depend on whether there will be people willing to help with translations.

In next post I’ll post details on the new character customization/clothes system, which will give a lot of freedom in the game for anime cosplay, or just making your girl friend look pretty. ^^

48 thoughts on “Shoujo City 3D translations

  1. aurora

    this game is verry cool,but i will like to can sell more thing in the shop like duplicates figures of yandere simulator.

    1. Laika Post author

      Use panel on the wall near closet in your apartment. Then you can place furniture in one of available slots in the room.


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