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The school area will be the first location in Shoujo City 3D, and it will include the school itself and one street in front of the school entrance with several shops and other buildings. Right now I’m working on various road and street details, like pole lights, street signs, etc.

Reference photo for a manhole cover (Tokyo, Japan)

A lot of work is invested into faithful recreation in the game of various small unique things you can see in Japan – like chocolate taiyaki and vending machines, and even manhole covers and street trash cans. Working on all those small details takes almost infinite amounts of time and work, which means there can’t be any fast progress with the game, unfortunately. But that also means the game will have a completely unique appearance and feel to it, and that’s what one of my main goals is.

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    1. Laika Post author

      Thanks. There are quite a few 3D hentai games already, where sex is used as one of main gameplay elements. Illusion and other companies releasing such games did quite good job exploring thoroughly that genre, and way better than I ever could. There even exist numerous hentai games with full VR support already. What else could I add on top of that? I think it’s better to create something unique and original (and that’s what Shoujo City will be) instead of making yet another 3D hentai game.


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