Shoujo City update 0.9.13

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A small New Year update for Shoujo City 3D is published on Steam.

  • Kadomatsu (New Year decorations) in all maps. You can buy kadomatsu in the convenience store and place in your apartment room.
  • More details in the jinja map: koi carps swimming in the pond and new koi observation platform (also used as a dating spot). Bonshou temple bell.
  • New room customization item – air conditioner (can be bought in the convenience store). You’ll have one at start of a new game.
  • Default eye shape #5 (big eyes) is replaced with a new one (similar to #1, but smaller).
  • Fixed a bug with gachapon machines and omikuji box that didn’t allow to buy more than one item.
  • Fixed arms animation error during tomato kissing mini-game.
  • Fixed a rare bug with bodies of two characters overlapping. It happened if you managed to precisely calculate timings and sit on the same chair at the same time with girlfriend.

7 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 0.9.13

  1. Myo

    Umm…I know that this is not easy, but can you make the girldriend do something to the player? Like I think it’s gonna be cool if she can cook sonething for us or prepare a gift for the player. Can you do it, please?

  2. Лида Кэт

    Почему версия 0.9.13 не обублекована на андройд версию ? Хоть такое небольшое обновление …

    1. Laika Post author

      If you mean the iOS version, I’m not planning any further updates. Due to the App Store censorship, there is no way to continue developing a dating sim where all dating features are banned.


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