Update 0.9.9

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Update 0.9.9 is released.

☆ Water gun event update

Water gun mini-game is moved from Summer Town to Akihabara. Mikans are no longer used as prizes. After completing the mini-game you can obtain one of the following items from prize boxes:

  • Cat soldier mini-figurine
  • Toy bunny
  • Summer hat
  • Summer hat with sunflower
  • Toy balloon (blue)
  • Toy balloon (green)
  • Heart-shaped toy balloon

You can also buy (in the water gun stall) a new poster and put it on wall in your apartment room.

☆ Ultra wide screen support

In the past, it was possible to play on screens with aspect ratio wider than 18:9 only with fixed 16:9 or 18:9 ratio and black bars on sides covering the rest of the screen. Now all ultra wide screens (19:9, 21:9, etc.) are fully supported without black bars (change aspect ratio to “free” in game settings).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Bed animations: when you use bed to proceed to next day, girlfriend will be sleeping on the bed next morning. In pillow dating mode, your own character will be sleeping on the bed (with pillow, if you had it in hands).
  • Apple jam recipe is added to the cooking book.
  • Apple jam and raspberry jam can be bought in Shoujo Mart.
  • 3D models for some food ingredients are replaced.
  • Most actions requiring clicking on interactive icons (cafe menu, Summer town rides, school classes) now can also be started by pressing “E” keyboard key.
  • Game language now also can be changed in the in-game smartphone.
  • New setting allows to adjust input sensitivity (affects how fast camera will rotate when you control it with mouse/touchscreen).
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue for shorts and bloomers.
  • Fixed a few minor navigation issues for NPCs.

6 thoughts on “Update 0.9.9

  1. Chris Lefebvre

    It would be a lot easier if you could attend classes regardless of how your girlfriend is feeling ><
    Also, there appears to be a bug where you can’t use more than 4 items while cooking?

    1. Laika Post author

      Thanks for reporting. There indeed is a bug blocking bottom four slots in the cooking menu. I have fixed this issue now, update is coming soon.
      As to girlfriend, in story mode (will be available in the future) it will be possible to attend classes (and other activities) alone.

    1. Laika Post author

      Not any time soon, that’s for sure. Every time I submit an update, the App Store requests more and more nonsense censorship. Like censoring my own game logos on T-shirts, or something equally random and absurd. And every time I comply, they request to censor something else that never was mentioned before.


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