Update 0.8.17

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☆ Jinja part-time job

Now you can earn additional 5,000 Yen per day by taking part-time job in the Shinto shrine map. The task is to sweep all fallen leaves on the shrine grounds. Required items: broom (can be obtained for free on the part-time job spot) and miko dress (can be bought in the shrine shop). Broom is operated the same way as tennis racket/water gun.

☆ Gameplay changes

All dating activities (and other actions affecting your skills) now deplete a new “stamina” stat of your character, which is used to limit amount of available actions per day. Stamina is restored only by sleeping and proceeding to next day. All dating activities now have an infobox showing reqiured amount of stamina and affected stats. All Summer Town rides are now classified as full dating activities and affect stats accordingly.

☆ New omamori effects

Omamori and omikuji now work differently: positive charms will prevent corresponding skills from decreasing and add +1 bonus point on top of what you gained through skill increase. Negative charms will cancel gained skill increase and additionally decrease corresponding skill by 1 point.

Love omamori/omikuji now don’t affect relationship score directly, but affect instead a new “social” skill, which goes up or down after each conversation date.

Money omamori/omikuji are not changed and work the same as before: they decrease or increase prices in all shops and don’t affect any character stats.

A new sports omamori (affecting “sports” skill of your character) is available in the jinja map.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a small issue with walking outside of school map limits.
  • New road signs in apartment, school, and Summer Town maps.
  • More accurate rain detection (for girlfriend). Pillow now also declines outdoors activities during rain.
  • Money tab is now hidden by default and shown only in inventory/shops/status screen.
  • Your character’s status window now can be accessed through a cogwheel button in the top-left screen corner instead of the in-game smartphone.
  • Fixed a minor issue with NPCs occasionally pushing characters during dates.
  • Fixed a minor bug for kissing mini-game (when played without pocky).

7 thoughts on “Update 0.8.17

  1. Tomoko~ Chan

    I have an idea, so, I am playing this game for a pretty long time, I think the game needs poses! :3. By poses I mean they could sit together or do an action, at the water park, they could lay down together on the sand, and also, if there is a seating area somewhere, they can sit together and look like they’re chatting, (another idea- the game needs chat options and not “I want ‘this’” and “Please take good care of me”). Welp, those are my ideas, I really wanted to have the player and their girlfriend a
    Act like an actual couple, using couple activities, poses, and chat options. (I know there are many couple activities… but, why not add cooking together :3)

    1. Laika Post author

      Either Akihabara map or redesign of the Summer Town map. I want to remove the beach and replace it with a lazy river and a field for volleyball, so that the map has more interactivity.

  2. kate

    could you an option to customize the girlfriend from the get go? i want to play as the tallest option and have a gf that is the tiniest option

    1. Laika Post author

      At some point I want to add a short “personality test” at start of each game, which will determine initial stats of your character and what girlfriend you get. Maybe height will be determined by that test, too.

      1. kate

        thank you for the quick reply!
        my second question is, is there some sort of money cheat? sweeping + catching squirrels gets old fast

        1. Laika Post author

          I’m planning to add at least one other part-time job. There won’t be any money cheats. The goal of the game (in the final version) is to plan carefully your daily activities while having a limited amount of actions and money, so that you can win heart of your girlfriend by the end of some period. The same basic premise as in Tokimeki Memorial series.
          If resources (including money) were not limited, it would make the whole gameplay meaningless, I think.


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