Looking for translators!

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A new Shoujo City video by different colors (Arabic language).

In addition to being the only designer, programmer, artist, modeller, and animator of the game, I also write all game texts in English and Russian, but that’s where my linguistic skills end. Translations for all other languages depend on volunteers. Shoujo City 3D is compatible with all existing languages and alphabets, so whether the game is translated into some language or not depends solely on whether there are people willing to help with translations.

In the sidebar menu on the right you can see all game languages and their current progress. If they are below 100%, that means translations are incomplete and waiting for people willing to resume work started by previous translator. If some language is not in this list, it means there are no people as yet who started to translate the game into that language.

All translations are done online in a wiki, and you can contribute as much, or as little, as you want. If you want to help translating the game into a language you know, please send me an email at laika16 [at] yandex.ru

12 thoughts on “Looking for translators!

    1. Laika Post author

      Next update most probably will be about graphics improvements (I posted previews on Twitter). As to Android version, I still don’t know release date, sorry.


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