Merry-Go-Round (alpha 0.8.4)

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A small update for Shoujo City 3D (0.8.4) is published on Steam and the App Store. Here is what is new in this update:

☆ Merry-Go-Round

A new ride is opened in the Summer Town map – Merry-Go-Round (carousel). Like all other rides, it can give you +3 relationship points.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • A rocking horse is installed in the Shoujo Mart.
  • Fixed apartment floor tiling error.
  • Fixed a few small issues for sitting animations.
  • More accurate detection of free space for sitting on the ground.

6 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round (alpha 0.8.4)

  1. Saju

    hi! i have a sugestion:
    i think that to enter the atractions you should buy a ticket that lasts 1 day for 1000 yen.


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