Alpha 0.7 update (Steam)

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Alpha 0.7 update is released on Steam Early Access. Here is what was added in this release:

☆ Cosplay gestures

Now if you put certain cosplay hats or accessories on your girlfriend’s head, she will perform small cosplay gestures when you talk to her (instead of regular “Please take good care of me” message). Right now these gestures are working for these cosplay items:

  • military caps (A and B).
  • cat ears (black and white).

☆ Improved pocky game

The pocky game now has an additional effect of swirling sakura petals (if you reach stage 6). Also, it can be played both while standing or sitting on the ground. If you date a girl, she will choose to play it while standing or sitting depending on whether she has “cute” or “sexy” as a part of her personality. If you date a pillow, you can choose it by yourself.

☆ New sky and clouds

Now there is much better looking sky in all locations.

☆ Redesign of the Shinto shrine map

The map is extended and now has a small lake and a wooden bridge across it. “Sacred rock” is replaced with a new sacred tree. Now you can pull the rope in front of the main shrine building to ring a bell attached to it (this is one of actions traditionally performed by worshippers at a Shinto shrine).

☆ New clothes and accessories

  • green school jacket.
  • 2 military uniforms for cosplay, both consisting of caps, jackets, and skirts (Fashion Store).
  • 8 panties (capsule machines in front of the Fashion Store).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Convenience store in the school map is redesigned and decreased in size.
  • Now the game interface will scale correctly for screens with 4:3 and 18:9 aspect ratios without using enforced 16:9 ratio with black bars on sides.
  • Improved and more responsive controls for both “direction” and “rotate” movement modes.
  • “Item zoom” feature is changed: now instead of clicking on items on racks you can view items in 3D mode directly from your inventory by clicking on them. All items that have “3D view” feature enabled now have an additional “3D” mark in inventory. The original idea of placing items in racks to be able to view them in 3D was unnecessarily complex and confusing to players, so I’m trying to make this feature simpler and more logical.
  • More accurate camera rotation and controls while taking photos with smartphone camera.
  • Fixed a minor bug that occasionally prevented starting kissing-mini game if you took off your girlfriend’s shoes.
  • Better performance for pool water physics, more stable buoyancy. “Placing pillow on swim ring” mechanic is temporarily removed, since it still needs further work.
  • Improved arms animation for eating from table.
  • More accurate collider for crawling mode.
  • Fixed a minor bug with incorrect scaling of pillow when you placed it on chairs.
  • Improved meshes and weight painting for school dresses, t-shirts, fuku, mini-skirts, ponytail hairstyle (there were a few issues with animations).
  • Camera rotation and moving items in inventory now can be done with both left and right mouse buttons.
  • Omelette recipe is changed to classic Japanese “tamagoyaki” omelette.
  • Various small fixes for camera movement and transitions.
  • Fixed issue with “relationship level required” messages on girlfriend’s clothes showing incorrect values.

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the game wiki.

5 thoughts on “Alpha 0.7 update (Steam)

  1. Anonim

    Скажите пожалуйста будет ли в будущем в игре возможность играть за мужского персонажа? (если же будет то как скоро и будет ли это в бесплатной версии?)

    1. Laika Post author

      Может быть, а может быть и нет. Это будет решаться с учетом того чего хотят сами игроки, возможно в будущем на сайте или в Стиме будет проводиться голосование или что-нибудь в этом роде. В ближайшее время ждать не стоит.

  2. Rabbit

    Скажите пожалуйста а почему в игре отсутствует какая-либо музыка (на фоне)?

    1. Laika Post author

      Кроме музыки еще много что пока что отсутствует. Со временем все будет.


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