Swimming Pool update!

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This update is available in both Steam and Free versions of the game
(Steam update is 0.6a and Free update is 0.4.c)

☆ Swimming pool

Now you can swim with your girlfriend in the school pool. The pool comes with new shaders, wave and floating simulation physics. In dakimakura dating mode you can place your pillow on a swimming ring or on inflatable dolphin and then swim with her.

Before going to the pool you can buy new school swimsuits in the Fashion Store.

There is a new option in the in-game smartphone to disable water physics (can be useful for older hardware).

The pool is not used for any dating activities as yet, but implementing swimming animations and water physics is an important preparation step towards future beach location (which is planned for summer 2018).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • A new script for in-game smartphone camera functionality – there was a long running issue causing various graphics problems with displaying sky, glass, foliage, etc. in the smartphone camera. Now this issue is (hopefully) resolved.
  • Fixed GUI scaling for screens wider than 16:9 (e.g., 18:9) with “forced 16:9” aspect ratio option enabled – now the game will scale correctly for such screens.
  • All looping animations are improved (better transitions between looping cycles).
  • Semi-transparent materials for accessories (bows and umbrellas) are replaced with opaque ones due to camera z-sorting issues for transparent materials.
  • Fixed the bug with some variables not being cleared on level transitions.
  • Numerous small fixes for game physics, including the issue with speed increase for diagonal key directions (now the speed is the same in all directions).

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the game wiki.

12 thoughts on “Swimming Pool update!

    1. Laika Post author

      If you are talking about the free version, then click on download buttons on the right (“Windows”/”MacOS”), download zip archive on your PC and unpack it to any folder. That’s all. Start the game by double clicking on executable file. Folder with old version can be deleted, since every update comes as a full game and doesn’t use any files from previous installation.


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