Demo version update 0.4b

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Free demo version of Shoujo City 3D is updated to version 0.4b. All Christmas decorations from version 0.4a are removed. Free version is now marked as “demo version” in the bottom left corner.

Here is what was added in this update:

☆ New accessories

  • Glasses (3 colors) – in the Fashion Store.

☆ New food and recipes

  • Curry recipes: pork curry, chicken curry, katsu curry, chicken katsu curry, vegetable curry, and seafood curry.
  • Tonkatsu and chicken katsu recipes.
  • Chocolate baum and matcha baum (convenience store).
  • Mikan ( convenience store).
  • Panko and curry mix (convenience store, used for cooking).

☆ Faster UI

  • Sprites for item previews are now loaded asynchronously, and all lists for item names and descriptions are cached in memory. Thanks to this, inventory, shops, gachapons, recipe book, cafe menus, messages now open significantly faster (in most cases instantly).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Several equipment slots in your girlfriend’s inventory are now locked until you reach a certain relationship level – you can check required level by clicking on locked slots.
  • Locked equipment slots are now explicitly marked by “lock” icons.
  • Serving and removing food from table in your apartment is now done through inventory (you still can put food on table directly from hands if you put it in your hands slot previously).
  • Improved shader for glass windows – now it lets light to go through glass.
  • Improved textures for all umbrellas.
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally disabled AI of your girlfriend if you used computer desk chair.
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect hands animation that happened if you used smartphone while holding leek.
  • All brick textures in all locations are replaced with new higher quality ones.
  • In dakimakura dating mode your pillow in inventory is now called by her name (in item description window).

☆ Translations and dating dialogues

  • Thanks to contributors, French is added to the list of game languages.
  • All translations are updated according to their current status in the wiki.
  • Additional dating dialogues.
  • Additional translations for UI texts.

16 thoughts on “Demo version update 0.4b

    1. Laika Post author

      I’m thinking about it all the time, and every time the conclusion is the same: it’s not feasible. Real-time lighting and shadows would drastically increase minimum hardware requirements – and exclude almost all mobile devices. Baking the entire “night mode” into separate lightmaps is somewhat more feasible (it would significantly increase game download size, but hardware requirements would remain the same), but it would require many months of work, and slow down the development progress to a crawl. Every time something is added or changed in game maps, baked lightmaps should be removed and baked anew, which is very slow process even on most powerful computers.

    1. Laika Post author

      I can’t even find enough volunteers to translate simple bits of texts in the wiki, which is way easier than voice acting. So finding people with enough enthusiasm and dedication to record voice acting for entire game is out of the question. If you meant hiring professional voice actors, I can’t afford that.


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