Alpha 0.3 Release!

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Note: due to implementation of various new features, all save files from alpha 0.1 and 0.2 are incompatible with this update, you’ll have to start a new game.

Updages Log:

$ New NPCs

NPC characters now have new behavior scripts. Thus far there are two types of NPC behaviors implemented: shop seller and student council.

Shop sellers will look at you when you are close, and can say a few lines.

Student council patrols an area around the school and will arrest you for walking around without skirt or dress, and for attempting to kiss your girlfriend within her patrol range. Once the chasing sequence starts you can attempt to run outside school gates and thus escape. If you are caught by student council you will be fined for 1,000 Yen.

$ Hide and Seek (new dating activity)

Instead of completing one date to proceed to next day, now you can choose a dating activity to do, which can be dating, or playing hide & seek. In the future there will be other activities added, so you can do different things on different days instead of repeating the same date every day.

To start playing hide and seek, walk towards “H&S” icon and click on it. Your girlfriend will hide somewhere in the school area, and you’ll have to find her within a limited amount of time.

$ A recipe book

Now you’ll have a recipe book in your inventory, containing all recipes for cooking. Drop it on your hand slot to open and read. Optional ingredients are hidden, so you’ll have a choice to cook the basic recipe with lower quality, or attempt to add more ingredients to unlock full recipe. Once you manage to cook something with 100% quality for the first time, the full recipe will be added to your book.

$ New clothes & accessories

  • a slot for hand accessories is implemented. Right now you can use it to wear wristbands, which can be bought in the clothes store: pink wristband and panda wristband
  • new hats: pink casquette, blue casquette, blue baseball cap (all meshes for baseball caps are redone with better quality)

$ Ice cream vending machine

Ice-creams you can buy: strawberry, chocolate, matcha, mango, coffee, and watermelon flavors.

$ UFO catchers improvements – while operating UFO catchers now you can rotate camera to sides for more precise positioning of the crane.

$ Additional objects in the school area

  • more interior details in the fashion store
  • teacher desks in all classrooms first floor; all student desks are remade with better quality
  • swim boards storage spot, racks and lockers in the pool building
  • a few additional background buildings

$ New food & recipes

  • pancakes
  • leek can now be used as a cosplay item

$ Miscellaneous

  • stationary camera view controllers inside the pool building and gardening storage, near the entrance door in the apartment room
  • a new poster in the apartment room explaining item zoom mechanics (since many people didn’t know how to place figurines on racks and how to examine them with item zoom feature)
  • when using right-click in inventory, camera now zooms by default on head instead of hips
  • increased girlfriend’s running speed to prevent her being left too far behind on fast running

$ Fixed bugs

  • disappearing hats and held items when swapped with stacked squirrels
  • wardrobe door animation error – when opened and closed fast, sometimes the door remained open after closing wardrobe menu
  • sky shader issues – when tree foliage was overlaying sky while viewed through in-game smartphone, occasionally it was producing small graphics artefacts
  • wrong animation for cosplay tails during walking and running
  • several camera clipping issues on transition between different modes
  • errors in ramen recipes
  • numerous small issues with textures for various objects
  • missing previews for crab and squid sishi

$ Translations

  • thanks to contributors, Thai, German, Chinese, and Czech were added to game languages
  • all translations and texts are updated according to their current status in the game wiki
  • the language selection menu is redesigned to fit more entries (language now can be set only from the main menu, the smartphone language menu was removed as unnecessary)

26 thoughts on “Alpha 0.3 Release!

  1. Cheddar

    YAY!! I been waiting for this all day!! (/^▽^)/

    But im having a problem with one of the recipes, I dont know if im the only one, but when i try to cook pepper tempura that doesnt work and ends up burnt (aslo in the recipe says “pepper”, but in the store i can only find “chili pepper”, i dont know if its that the problem,) (idk if its a bug or there’s something i’m missing)

  2. HOA

    Well, I created a new save and noticed that my girlfriend has two braids, while in the character customisation I only had the options for long hair, short hair, a single braid, pigtails and a ponytail. Why is the twin braid option not there? Also, when I visited the shops and I noticed that all shopkeepers had dark green hair. Are they meant to all have the same hair color? It kinda looks weird since they look like clones with different hairstyles and clothes. Just my feedback on the update.

    1. Laika Post author

      All additional hair styles and colors not listed in the character creation menu will be available in a hair salon, when it’s implemented. Shop sellers will wear special uniform, when I make it, so for now I had to dress them in whatever I had at hand.

    1. Laika Post author

      Not any time soon, that’s the only thing I know for sure. If you want it for iOS now, you can play the 2D version.

  3. Leafpool

    The time for H & S is kind of unfair, in my opinion. Also, could you make it so that there are easy, normal, and hard modes? No pressure intended.

  4. TsubakiTexting

    She’s so fast! I tried to go to the swimming club but I was so far and very slow. I couldn’t run away from her.


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