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A new video showing one of features of the in-game smartphone in Shoujo City 3D – taking photos. The photos you take can be viewed in smartphone, or printed in a photo shop, and then used as wall posters in your apartment room. Taking photos will also be used for some game missions.

4 thoughts on “Taking Photos

    1. Laika Post author

      Yes, I am planning to add that in the future. Both for single selfie and for selfie with one’s girlfriend.

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t wait for this game! I loved Shoujo City and I’m so glad there is a sequel!

    Just a question, but in the comments of one of your posts (It was about Story Mode) you said you don’t know if you should bring Saori back.

    Maybe, you can add her back, and change her personality? Or completely drop her and add a new yandere girl? If it wouldn’t take you too much trouble.

    And maybe you could add more girls for DLC?

    These are just suggestions, you don’t have to do these or anything.


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