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A small preview of the apartment room I’m currently working on. This is where the game’s playable character will live. Inside the room there will be a kitchen (where you can cook food for your girlfriend), a closet (for storing items that you don’t currently need in inventory), a bed, a table, and TV. Some interior details (like wall posters or curtains) will be customizable.

2 thoughts on “Apartment

  1. DarkdaemonPK2

    Awesome! I really cannot wait to play this game when it’s complete. By the way, what will happen to Shoujo City 2D after SC 3D has been launched? Will SC 2D have more updates or will it be pulled out?

  2. Laika Post author

    There will be updates for the 2D version both before and after release of the new game. I think I’ll keep it as a separate version for people with mid-range mobile devices. Due to graphics and game size the 3D version will most probably only work on most recent tablets and phones with big screens and powerful CPU/GPU.


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