Shoujo City update 0.9.6

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Shoujo City update 0.9.6 is released on Steam, App Store, and Google Play.

☆ New dakimakura and item management

In pillow dating mode, pillow cover can be changed using additional covers. Thus far there is one new cover, sold in Akihabara map. Drag and drop it on your pillow.

In pillow dating mode, your pillow now can be moved from “hand” slot into inventory, or stored in the wall closet in your apartment.

All clothes now can be stored on item racks, in cupboards, and in fridges. Since most clothes don’t have 3D models suitable for placing on shelves, they will be shown as small generic cardboard boxes.

Frying pan handle is shortened to allow placing it in all kinds of storages.

A new drawer chest can be bought in “Shoujo Mart” and used for storing clothes.

☆ New photo features

Now you can take up to 5 photos with in-game smartphone and use them as wall posters in your apartment. You can also write something on the back of a photo by placing it in your “hand” equipment slot.

In-game smartphone “gallery” button is removed. All photos are now placed in your inventory (when you click on “save” button after taking a photo).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • More screen resolutions are now available in the drop-down menu on game start (Windows/MacOS version) – including 4K (if your monitor/graphics card allow it).
  • Anti-aliasing option in settings now has more values: you can set it to “off”, x2, x4, and x8. x8 will give the best visuals, so it should be set to this value if you don’t have issues with performance. If you use a weaker device and experience lags and low FPS, you can decrease anti-aliasing or turn it off completely – this will significantly improve performance.
  • One new hairstyle (long hair with buns) is available in the beauty salon.
  • New military helmet can be bought in the clothes store (for cosplay).
  • Fixed wrong polygons in corners of eyes (all characters).
  • Fixed a minor issue which prevented using corrupted pocky (with quality below 100%) for the pocky game.

18 thoughts on “Shoujo City update 0.9.6

    1. Laika Post author

      There is a tab on the right that says “DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO (PC)”, with two Mediafire links (for Windows and MacOS versions). Download either version to your PC, unpack zip archive, and double click on the game’s executable file (ShoujoCityDemo) to start.

  1. sunnieshowers

    will the ability to change underwear be added to mobile? also is a movie theater being added in the near future? thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Laika Post author

      Removing underwear is requirement of mobile stores, there is nothing I can do about it.
      As to movie theater, it may be added if I have some good gameplay idea for it. What characters should do during movie, specifically? If they will just sit and wait, that’s not really good gameplay.

  2. Unknwonid

    The map needs to perfected…Although I unlocked all the maps…
    Gates are closed everywhere, roads are blocked…It reminds me of the Great Depression………..
    Anyway,It’s a great work…booth app and modeling engineering

    Or I wonder if the IOS version is not fully open.
    Is that right?

    1. Laika Post author

      Check the Twitter. Every few days I post previews of new features and content I’m currently working on.

    1. ShoujoCity Dev Post author

      In both paid and free versions, you can get any pillow by starting a new game and choosing a pillow as your girlfriend. Sorry for late response.


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