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Steam and Android version of Shoujo City 3D are updated to version 0.8.12. All updates for iOS version are still rejected by the App Store, and at this point it’s impossible to predict when iOS updates will be resumed.

Updates in this version:

  • Christmas decorations in all locations.
  • One new hair style.
  • In addition to squirrels, seashells and pine cones now can be exchanged for money at Shoujo Mart.
  • Improved textures for various road and building elements in all maps (pavements, railings, stairs, utility poles, pillars, floors).
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow to cancel a Ferris wheel ride if you had a water gun or swim ring in hands.

18 thoughts on “Alpha 0.8.12

      1. Laika Post author

        It will take 3-4 months, at least. Akihabara location will have about as much content and assets as all other locations combined, so it can’t be fast.

    1. Laika Post author

      Every game, mobile or not, has minimum hardware requirements. If some particular device is unable to run the game due to weak hardware, there is nothing I can do about it. The only solution is to get a better device. The minimum requirements are:
      2 GB RAM;
      Snapdragon 625 CPU;
      Android 6.
      Every device meeting these minimum requirements should be compatible.

  1. Chinese people【中国人】

    **【1】**Alpha 0.8.12,The game has a bug?
    1,【Kissing problem】Why can’t I kiss?But my girlfriend said that I am stupid.
    2,【Crawling problem】Sit here first, then can’t crawl? Press up, down, left, right click and no response……
    3,【Gasoline coupon vending machine problem】Why can’t I open it?
    4,【Personal backpack problem】Why are there no panties and vests?
    5,【Big shark swim ring problem】Enter the playground,Why can’t I ride a big shark swim ring?

    1. Laika Post author

      Underwear and crawling features were removed from mobile versions of the game due to requirements of mobile stores.
      In order to kiss, buy a pack of pocky and place it in your hands before approaching girlfriend.
      As to shark, it isn’t intended for riding, it is used just for decoration.

  2. Chinese people【中国人】

    ***【2】***When will the map be updated next time?【Recommendations and requirements】
    1、【School map】In school, why not go to the second, third and fourth floors?
    2、【gymnasiums warehouse】There is a basketball in the warehouse,why not cast basket?
    3、【gymnasiums Third floor】Nothing at all stuff?
    4、【summer town map】in Shrine building building(Hayden),I don’t know how to use?
    5、【Christmas event】Small game mode!how hide and seek,Still no challenge?
    6、【Map of home】Can’t lock the door, no bath?
    7、【Beauty room requirements】Why are there no big mirrors?
    (Thank you for your cooperation)

    1. Laika Post author

      Next major update will be a new Akihabara map (in 3-4 months). Until then, all updates will be small.
      1,2,3. I don’t want to add any activities (like playing basketball) just for the sake of it. Since it’s a dating simulator game, I think every activity should be linked in some way to dating. So I will add more activites in school and gym only when/if I can come up with some interesting dating mechanics.
      4. If you mean the bell, there isn’t any particular purpose for it. It’s used just for decoration.
      5. Don’t really understand your question, sorry. You mean the Christmas update was small? If so, yes, it’s small, since most of my time is taken now by the Akihabara map.
      6. At some point there will a bathroom inside the locked room, yes.
      7. Mirrors are very expensive to render and result in big FPS drop. Even in modern PC games real mirrors are never used, but instead are faked through various hacks and tricks. I think it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

      1. Summer呀

        actually, many Chinese are still using Android 5. 1. 1, including me,we are unable to run the game becuz we’re not stock Android,but CPU many are Snapdragon 625 or 835,many of us are looking forward to you update a Android 5 version,and by the way,where can we get PC version ?

        1. Laika Post author

          Links to (paid) Steam and free PC version are in the sidebar menu on the right.

          As to Android 5, for every one compatible device there will be a few hundreds incompatible outdated devices back from 2014, where the game will crash instantly. And all those hundreds of people will bombard my page on Google Play with negative 1-star rankings every day, for years non-stop. Because that’s exactly what people are doing on the App Store (which doesn’t allow to mark old incompatible devices as incompatible). As a result, the game has extremely bad ratings on the App Store and doesn’t appear anywhere in recommended games and in rankings.
          So excluding all devices with Android version below 6 is the only thing I could do to prevent the same failure happening on Google Play.
          The final version of the game should be released in 2020, in a more than a year from now. Most people buy new smartphones every 1-3 years, so I think by 2020, there will be hardly any people remaining who still use Android 5, which was discontinued in 2015.


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