Alpha 0.8.9 update

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Alpha 0.8.9 update of Shoujo City 3D is published on Steam, App Store, and Google Play.

This is a very small update, and it’s released mostly to fix a water gun operation issue. In the previous version it was impossible to aim accurately if you attempted to shoot and run at the same time. Now aiming remains stable while standing, walking, and running.

☆ GUI and gameplay changes

The skills mechanic is redesigned. Now all skills are assigned to your character (in the past it was planned to assign them to girlfriend).

There is a new status window for your character, appearing if you click on the status button in the in-game smartphone, showing your current skills and achievements.

There are three skills and two stats in your status window (more skills will be added in future updates).

  • cooking skill is increased every time you cook any 100% food.
  • music skill is increased by completing piano challenges.
  • sports skill is increased by playing hide-and-seek and the water gun VR game.

All skills can also go down if you fail the respective activities. Right now skills don’t have any effect – it’s mostly a preparation step towards the final version of the game, where you’ll have to work on specific skills to increase compatibility with your girlfriend.

Girlfriend’s status window is moved from toolbar panel to the in-game smartphone, too, since it’s used during gameplay only occasionally, and there is no need to show it on screen all the time.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • When you approach squirrels, now they will attempt to run away.
  • ATMs in several locations (used only for decoration).
  • Fixed a minor issue with hair color not updating correctly after changing hair type during character creation.
  • Fixed a small issue with arm positions while using the rocking horse.

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the Shoujo City Wiki.

6 thoughts on “Alpha 0.8.9 update

    1. Laika Post author

      It’s almost the same as the kissing mini-game. There are blocks falling from above. When they cross horizontal bars with piano keys, click/tap on corresponding keys. The closer they are to the center of piano keys, the higher your accuracy score will be.

        1. Laika Post author

          Because she doesn’t have “music” as one of her interests. If she does, her accuracy will be close to 100%.

          The whole system of skills and scores from various activities is still under development and will be changed later. I hope that when the game gets closer to the final version, there will be a logical and consistent gameplay.

          The general idea that during every walkthrough one will have to choose only some of available activities depending on their girlfriend’s interests, and improve only some of several possible skills of their character. This will be a basis of a dating strategy allowing to complete the game. I still need to think about some details.

          1. Charly

            Wow, it seems so intersesting ! I hope you’ll be able to do it *3* Do you already have ideas of what the others skills will be ?

  1. Laika Post author

    I have more than enough ideas. But in order to implement skills, all of them should be tied to gameplay in some way. So how many skills are added will depend mostly on how many new dating activities I can add. For instance, one of ideas for improving sports skill is playing tennis versus one’s girlfriend, or challenging more experienced NPCs for faster levelling up. But designing the entire tennis game with all required AI and animations would probably take 1-2 months of work. So I’m still thinking if this single feature is worth investing so much time into at expense of slowing down other updates.


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