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New gashapon vending machines, which will be used in the game (alongside regular shops and ufo catcher machines) to obtain various cosplay and collectible items.

19 thoughts on “Gashapon


    Will you be able to get your hair dyed/ styled at a hairdresser shop, will there be alternate weathers ( they could affect your girlfriends mood ) , will there be options to date boys as well as girls, will there be any pets/ pet shops, and will there be the pocky game still?

  2. Laika Post author

    There will be everything you listed, apart from dating boys. This game always was about interactions with anime girls (that’s why it’s called “Shoujo City”). Don’t have any particular enthusiasm for “dating boys” feature, so I doubt I could do anything good out of it. A project like this is impossible to develop for any prolonged periods of time if you don’t have a genuine interest for what you are doing.

    As to weather, I have a few ideas for events that will depend on specific weather. For instance, one of quests (in the story mode) could be to hide an umbrella (in the school) of a girl one likes so she’ll ask to walk her home when it’s raining outside – thus a romantic umbrella sharing event.

  3. Evilogin

    Its been a few years since i played, you gotten really good! You are turning the bland 2D version to a absolute 3D art! Keep on what you do!

  4. Funtastic Miku

    I hope the game is really fun and more enjoyable in this 3D version.
    I wonder would you like to make the game for both PC and mobile?
    If you want make it i really happy to know that and be patient for waiting the game realese

    1. Laika Post author

      The game will be released for PC, Mac, Android & iOS. Alpha build for PC & Mac will be released first (this September), mobile versions a few months later.

    1. Laika Post author

      ^ That’s pretty much how it works in real life, isn’t it? Even after the claws grabbed an item already, there always is a chance it will fall out while moving upwards. ^^
      Unless you mean you encountered some bug.

  5. bvm

    i have the 1.1 demo on my pc and your site says that gashapons are in front of the regular store but i cant find the gashapons. And another question i payed shoujo city full version on my ipad and doesnt want to repay it on my pc how do i do? even tho i regret paying it on my ipad because there was a lot of things removed because of the app store policy


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