Tanabata update (0.8.2)

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Alpha 0.8.2 update is published on Steam and the App Store. Here is what is new:

☆ Tanabata decorations and items

  • All maps have small bamboo trees with Tanabata paper decorations (Tanabata is a traditional summer festival celebrated in Japan on July 7).
  • Two new yukata (summer kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) can be bought in the Shinto shrine map.

☆ Apartment room updates

  • The “rack b” (with computer) now has two additional slots for window and balcony door curtains. New curtains can be bought in the convenience store (2 different designs thus far). After placing them on windows you can open and close curtains by using “action” button.
  • Computer in apartment room now can be used to read update log for the newest version of the game. Also, you can buy a new computer in the convenience store (3 different computers are available).

☆ New food and recipes

  • Ingredients: asari clams, miso paste (sold in the Shoujo Mart);
  • Recipes: miso soup, asari miso soup, tsukimi udon, tsukimi soba.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Girlfriend’s equipment button was moved to the main toolbar (since many people had trouble finding it).
  • Two new hairstyles are available in the beauty salon.
  • A new hair ribbon accessory (in the Fashion Store).
  • The waitress NPC in the cafe is improved and now will actually serve the food you order, instead of it just appearing on the table.
  • More item categories (kitchenware and most of cooked food) now can be examined in 3D mode.
  • Optimization of textures to reduce size of game files (iOS version).

Roller Coaster update (alpha 0.8.1)

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Alpha 0.8.1 update of Shoujo City 3D is released on Steam and the App Store.

☆ Roller Coaster

The roller coaster ride in the Summer Town park is finished and now can be used as a dating activity. One ride will give you +3 relationship points (only once per day). If you date a pillow, you’ll have to place her in the coaster cart to start a ride.

Some areas of the park were redesigned, more attractions and buildings will be added in future updates. There is also a new ferris wheel (under construction).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • “Summer Town” map now has music – you can turn it on and off by walking towards the music speaker (in the Kakigoori Stall) and using action button.
  • Small improvements to girlfriend’s AI (for bench/object sitting and navigation);
  • Fixed the bug with kissing in/under water;
  • Fixed the bug with camera collisions during the kissing mini-game.
  • More accurate checks for detecting space where characters can sit on the ground.
  • Fixed incorrect tiling of the floor in the gym (school map).
  • Fixed the bug with clicking on squirrel in the smartphone camera mode.
  • Clicking on phone button when using phone is not possible (e.g., while swimming, or riding roller coaster) now will open game quit dialogue.

Summer Update! (alpha 0.8)

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Big summer update of Shoujo City 3D is released on Steam and the App Store!

☆ Summer Town

Summer Town is a new location in the game. It’s an amusement park with rides and a dedicated beach area. Some parts of the park are still under construction and will be completed in later updates.

☆ Water Slides

There are three water slides in the park, which can be used as a dating activity (if you didn’t have a date as yet for that day). Completing each ride will give you +3 relationship points (only once – using the same ride more than once will have no effect). To use a water slide, you should pick a double swimming ring, place it on the ride start, sit down, and click on “go” trigger. If you date a pillow, you’ll have to place her on the swimming ring before sitting down.

☆ Improved water interactions

All water in the game now has sprite ripples when you swim or run in it, and particle splashes when you run in shallow water. Character animations and girlfriend’s AI are improved allowing to get into and out of water through slopes and steps (in the past it could be done only by using pool ladders) – this is used for the beach area.

☆ New food and recipes

  • Kakigoori (with strawberry, grape, matcha, cola, or melon syrup). Can be bought in the kakigoori stall in the Summer Town map. Kakigoori is a popular Japanese summer snack made of shaved ice and syrup.
  • Coconut drink. Coconuts can be obtained as free drops from coconut palm trees on the beach. By combining it with a cutting board you can obtain a coconut drink.

All food belonging “snacks & drinks” category (which can be consumed from hand slot) is removed from cafe menu. Now it can be obtained by either buying (takoyaki) or by cooking at home (onigiri, watermelon piece, coconut drink).

☆ New clothes

  • Summer Hat – can be bought at the kakigoori stall in the Summer Town map.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Seashells – can be obtained on the beach (you can place them on item racks in your apartment).
  • Total amount of free items that can be collected per day (squirrels, seashells, pinecones, coconuts) is limited to five items. After you collected five items, they will stop spawning in all locations until next day.
  • Fixed several minor issues with incorrect clothes and body animations while using seesaw and swings, and an issue with “obtain item from ground” animation.
  • Added “止まれ” text to road markup and fixed a few minor road issues (all maps).
  • New background structures to improve overall game landscapes: radio transmission towers, two new types of skyscrapers, bus stops.
  • Fixed a small issue with atmosphere graphics artefacts in phone camera mode.
  • Fixed girlfriend’s jittering movement while she walks on the subway stairs, and bug with her getting stuck while walking in the music club room.

Playground update (v.0.7.7)

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Alpha 0.7.7 update of Shoujo City 3D is published on Steam and the App Store. Here is what is new in this release:

☆ Playground

School map is redesigned and now has a new playground area. You can use a swing, a seesaw, and can crawl inside the sphere. If you date a pillow, you’ll have to put your pillow on a swing/seesaw seat to use them.

☆ New cosplay items

  • Silver and golden crowns (available in Fashion Store).

☆ New food

  • Matcha and matcha latte (available in vending machines).
  • Strawberry taiyaki.
  • All ice creams are replaced with new 3D models.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a bug with title menu appearing in background in girlfriend’s creation menu.
  • Fixed a bug with girlfriend closing her eyes during tomato kissing mini-game.

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the game wiki.


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iOS version of Shoujo City 3D REQUIRES:

  • 2 GB RAM (or more);
  • Apple A9 processor (or newer);

Supported devices: iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus, Iphone 7 (all versions), iPhone 8 (all versions), iPhone X; iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Pro (all versions);

All other iOS devices are not supported. All iPhone 5 models, iPhone 6, iPad Airs, iPad Minis are not supported, because they are outdated devices produced many years ago and not suitable for playing modern 3D games which take a lot of memory and CPU/GPU resources. The game will be forced to close by iOS on such devices due to insufficient memory and insufficient CPU/GPU resources to handle high resolution textures.

There is no magic to make modern 3D resource-demanding games to work on old devices which just don’t have capabilities to run such games. For older devices, please check Shoujo City 2D instead, which will work on all existing iOS devices, including iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad Mini:


Shoujo City 3D iOS release!

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iOS version of Shoujo City 3D is finally released on the App Store! The game comes with one in-app purchase (“Premium Card”) unlocking the Shinto Shrine map. Everything else is free. If you like this project and want to see it continuing to develop in the future, please consider supporting it by buying the Premium Card. All money from in-app purchases will be invested into further development of the game.


Software: iOS 11 or newer;

Hardware: Apple A9 processor (or newer) and 2 GB RAM (or more) are recommended (which means iPhone 6S or better, iPad 2017 or better). The game may lag or not work properly on devices below these requirements.

iOS version is exactly the same as the current 0.7e Steam version for PC/Mac, apart from overlay with touch-screen controls, there are no changes. Real-time shadows are disabled by default, since they don’t look good on mobile devices – you still can enable them in the settings. Also, the iOS release has these additions, not included in the Steam version as yet:

☆ New cosplay items

  • Silver and golden crowns (available in Fashion Store).

☆ New food

  • Matcha and matcha latte (available in vending machines).

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a bug with title menu appearing in background in girlfriend’s creation menu.
  • Fixed a bug with girlfriend closing her eyes during tomato kissing mini-game.


Water assets update (Steam – 0.7e)

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All water in the game is updated with new shaders (alpha 0.7e update on Steam). The old water, while more advanced, had numerous issues due to using shader grab passes, which resulted in various bugs and compatibility issues with other semi-transparent objects and screen effects. As the game development progressed, it became a recurring obstacle for implementation of new features.

New water doesn’t have real displacement physics and refractions, but it also doesn’t have all the bugs and issues arising from these effects, so it will allow to continue adding new gameplay features instead of spending weeks trying to make the water work without any bugs. “Water quality” setting is removed from the in-game smartphone, since it’s not used any longer. This water solution isn’t final, and I’ll keep improving it in the future.

This update also fixes the collision bug which allowed to crawl through your girlfriend while she was sitting on the ground.

Alpha 0.7d update (Steam)

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Alpha 0.7d update is released on Steam Early Access. Most of my time is taken now by making assets for a new location, but it can be released only when that location is finished, which still will take a while. That’s why all the recent updates were small and didn’t have any new major features. Major updates are coming in Alpha 0.8 (in 1~2 months, hopefully), but until then I’m trying to add at least some new things to play with. Here is what is new in Alpha 0.7d update:

☆ New equipment slot

The last empty equipment slot is now put in use. The new slot can be used to wear a second bracelet on the other arm. There are also two new bracelets you can buy and wear.

☆ New clothes and accessories

  • Black socks and black highs socks (Fashion Store).
  • Wooden beads bracelet and plastic beads bracelet (Fashion Store).

☆ Dynamic personality

One of long-term development goals is implementing girlfriend’s dynamic personality, which will allow her skills and likes/dislikes to gradually evolve throughout the gameplay depending on your actions.

Right now it works for music skill/interest. After starting a new game, your girlfriend’s music interest will be set ranging from 0% to 100%. This skill directly affects her performance on piano. If you get good total piano score (over 80%), her skill will increase. If you get bad piano score, her skill will decrease. Also, if her interest is above 50%, she will talk about music in dating dialogues, and if her interest drops under 50%, she will stop talking about it.

All personality changes are now announced by a new “skill” notification icon appearing in the right part of the screen after completing any activity affecting girlfriend’s skills.

☆ Improved personality builder

Now the girls will have more consistent personalities due to linked interests mechanics (this will work only if you start a new game, it won’t work if you load a saved game from previous version).

How it worked in the past: every personality detail was random, so your girlfriend could be interested in shopping, but not liking money at the same time, which didn’t make much sense.

How it works now: if your girlfriend is interested in shopping, she will always like money at the same time (and vice-versa: if she is not into shopping, she won’t care about money either).

A list of all linked topics thus far (it will be expanded in the future when new topics are added):

  • money – shopping;
  • sports – tomboy;
  • astrology – destiny;

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Now you have an option of skipping a day without a date (penalty: -10 relationship score). This was added to prevent possibility of being stuck without money (when you can’t have a date without feeding your girlfriend first, and don’t have money to buy food).
  • Default apartment computer in your room is now replaced with a new mini-computer (if you start a new game). I’m planning to make these computers usable in the future, but for now they are used only for decoration.
  • All kitchen utensils and the the recipe book now can be bought in the convenience store.
  • Improved UV maps for legs to fix small mipmap artifacts that were occasionally visible on panties and socks if you zoomed camera out to maximum distance.
  • 18:9 and wider screens now have more accurate gui scaling in 18:9 fixed aspect ratio mode.
  • Small redesigns in the title menu.

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the wiki.