Next Update

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Shoujo City 3D alpha 0.2 will be released on September 22. Make sure to download the new version when it’s released, I will add a lot of great content in this update!

UFO Catchers

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Just finished completely rewriting UFO Catcher mechanics and scripts. Now the machines use better physics, allowing to use real-word tricks for obtaining toys, like pushing items with claws in desired direction, instead of just catching them and carrying. I’m also adding new machine designs, requiring to use different techniques for obtaining toys. At least one new UFO Catcher machine will be included next update.

Shoujo City 3D alpha 0.2 release is coming closer to the end of the month, please check the site once in a while if you want to follow development of this game. Also, don’t forget to visit Shoujo City Youtube channel and Twitter page (links are in the sidebar menu). I’m posting updates on both on a regular basis.

Shoujo City 3D (alpha 0.1)

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The release day! ^^ Download links for PC and Mac versions are in the sidebar menu on the right.

This is the very first alpha version for showing basic game concepts. Most of planned features, locations, characters, are still missing, and will be added in future updates. For any comments, suggesstions, bug reports, please use the comments section of this post, or you can contact me by email at <laika16 [at]>

One week until release

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It has been almost a year since I started working on Shoujo City 3D. Just one week is remaining until release of alpha-0.1, and I hope everybody who follows development of this project is looking forward to it. ^^

All in-game texts are now in the wiki. Everybody who wants to help with translations is welcome to join. Click on “Contribute?” link in the top menu if you are interested. Every contributor will be listed in game credits.

Also, now in addition to Twitter login you can use Google login to post comments on this website. Once you have at least one approved comment (made from Twitter/Google account), all your future comments will appear without waiting for approval.


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The new kissing feature is almost finished. I hope everybody will like it, since I invested weeks of work and a lot of creativity into it. Kissing will be a major gameplay element (alongside with dating and cooking) in the game. There will be a new video about this feature on Shoujo City Youtube channel soon.

Release Date!

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The first DEMO of Shoujo City 3D for PC and Mac will be released on September 01, 2017.

I have added a countdown timer on the right where you can see the time remaining until release. On September 1 the timer will be replaced by a download link.

The first version of the game will be a small playable alpha/demo with the following features implemented:

  • locations – school and apartment;
  • key gameplay concepts – dating, cooking, kissing;
  • shopping system: taiyaki shop, convenience story (incomplete), squirrel exchange service, gachapon machines, soft drinks vending machine;
  • inventory system: player’s inventory, wardrobe, two apartment racks for item display;
  • clothing system: 9 slots for clothes and accessory items implemented (3 more to be added);
  • chara interactions: dating, eating, following, sitting, kissing;
  • player’s character creation (girl only, male character will be implemented in the future);
  • chara (girlfriend) random generation (personality test generation will be implemented in the future);
  • in-game smartphone for taking photos and changing game settings;
  • multi-language support for in-game dialogues, messages, item description.

All of the above are only a small percentage of planned features. After the first release the game will be updated on a regular basis with new locations and features.


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New gashapon vending machines, which will be used in the game (alongside regular shops and ufo catcher machines) to obtain various cosplay and collectible items.