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The new Pocky Game!

The new pocky kissing game, in full 3D, with its own gameplay mechanics and cinematic camera! Now it’s light years better than the 2D version. ^^


The new kissing feature is almost finished. I hope everybody will like it, since I invested weeks of work and a lot of creativity into it. Kissing will be a major gameplay element (alongside with… Read more »

Release Date!

The first DEMO of Shoujo City 3D for PC and Mac will be released on September 01, 2017. I have added a countdown timer on the right where you can see the… Read more »


New gashapon vending machines, which will be used in the game (alongside regular shops and ufo catcher machines) to obtain various cosplay and collectible items.

Mood System

New mood system. Now in addition to short-term emotions shown during dating scenes or triggered by specific actions, girls in the game can have long-term “mood” states determined by a… Read more »

Cooking part 2

Spent a week working solely on the cooking/eating feature. Now, after putting the cooked food on table (as seen in the video below), you (and your girlfriend) can actually start… Read more »


A new video showing my current progress on the cooking feature. This feature will be one of key gameplay elements – every day you’ll have to cook something for your girlfriend, or… Read more »

Roadworks part 3

Just finished a new model for street guard rails with distinct design that can be seen in many places around Tokyo.

Taking Photos

A new video showing one of features of the in-game smartphone in Shoujo City 3D – taking photos. The photos you take can be viewed in smartphone, or printed in… Read more »

Roadworks part 2

Roadworks are ongoing in Shoujo City. One of distinct street details commonly seen in Japan is abundance of utility poles and overhead power cables. The screenshot above is the first preview… Read more »