Playground update (v.0.7.7)

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Alpha 0.7.7 update of Shoujo City 3D is published on Steam and the App Store. Here is what is new in this release:

☆ Playground

School map is redesigned and now has a new playground area. You can use a swing, a seesaw, and can crawl inside the sphere. If you date a pillow, you’ll have to put your pillow on a swing/seesaw seat to use them.

☆ New cosplay items

  • Silver and golden crowns (available in Fashion Store).

☆ New food

  • Matcha and matcha latte (available in vending machines).
  • Strawberry taiyaki.
  • All ice creams are replaced with new 3D models.

☆ Other additions and improvements

  • Fixed a bug with title menu appearing in background in girlfriend’s creation menu.
  • Fixed a bug with girlfriend closing her eyes during tomato kissing mini-game.

☆ Translations

All translations are updated according to the game wiki.

5 thoughts on “Playground update (v.0.7.7)

  1. Nounou

    Pourquoi la version shoujo city 3D ne pas disponible a Android ?
    Toujours je visite la page de shoujo city pour voir les notifications de la jeu mais non
    Repondre s’il vous plaît
    Et merci


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